Christiane Taubila returns to the announced failure of the left union candidate

This is the end point of the stillbirth candidacy. Christiane Taubila has officially announced his withdrawal from the race at Elysee. She states that she lacks more than half of the sponsorship required 48 hours after the end. Invested by a popular primary to become the face of a leftist rally, it would have been just another candidacy, a sign of division of that camp. At the very least, the former seal keeper will not spread the votes in April of the first round. Return to the campaign that never took off.

From non-candidate to maybe candidate

In September, when the cast on the left was almost complete, Christiane Taubila shortened all speculation. She didn’t go, refusing to “contribute to the left scatter” by becoming a “seventh or eighth” candidate, while “wagers are huge”. Already, Gaianese has welcomed the popular primary idea, especially calling on unions against Eric Zemmour, believing in the clarification of the campaign. Three months later, the reversal of the tailor, a favorite of the referendum, was highly praised. A former seal keeper announced on Facebook on December 17 that he would “consider becoming a candidate for the presidential election.” Are you here? Not perfect.

Despite the campaign clearly launched the next day on a trip to Seine-Saint-Denis, Christiane Taubila played with words and took tweezers for a few weeks, always receiving the blessings of the popular Primary under the union flag. I wanted to present myself. This idea of ​​the left bond, which started at the time of the holiday, seduces Anne Hidalgo, but cannot survive the magic of Christmas. Then Yannick Jadot made an attempt to flirt and turned into a rake under the mistletoe, “Join the environmentalist, Christian!».

A real false start and a popular primary

Elections are approaching for the New Year. And you have to decide: Candidate? Are you a candidate? Christiane Taubila will finally be official in Croix Ruth (Lyon) on January 15th, promising to rely on the results of her popular primary.

Christiane Taubila was nominated as the winner of the ballot, which attracted 467,000 voters, and relied on her legitimacy to call the rally again, but to no avail. But at this point, his candidacy had already been scrambled.First by his wrong start [au point qu’on se demande encore quand sa campagne a vraiment démarré] And by his little pot who refused to request vaccination in Guyana. The desire to respond to the “anger” caused by “salary meetings”, “social injustice”, some agreed outings on ecology, and the desire to stop the “obscenity” of rent, Christiane. Taubila unfolds the first speech without numbers. You have pointed out that you cannot win the election “by name” to the point of taking a volley of green trees by Jean-Luc Melenchon, the guardian deity of La France Insoumise (LFI).

February, galleys are linked

The enthusiasm of those whose history remembers as “the pain of Paris in the 11th century” is not verified after the candidacy is actually formalized (that’s it): Christiane Taubila intends to vote 3% in February In polls, less than Anne Hidalgo, but badly beaten during the popular primary.And on February 2, a former seal keeper crashed during his wonderful oral sex in a poor home of the Abbe Pierre Foundation., With a memorable stuttering sequence. A flood of criticism continues to the point of attracting the compassion of environmentalists, where negotiations are secretly resumed.

The “collection mission” given by the popular primary is “I’ll go all the way”. But that’s a new dead end. Because Janic Jadot is not in a position to provide perches and ministerial posts as much as Christiane Taubila. Therefore, the “Stations of the Cross” will continue with the campaign “using Elbow Grease and Knee Grease”. Then, on Valentine’s Day, the radical Left collapsed and let go of the Guyanians, who were struggling to find sponsorship, in the open countryside.

A leather tanned by years of bad blows, Christiane Taubila struggles to get herself out of her campaign, Titanic. She will travel to Colombe again on February 18th, guaranteeing that she will “fight” and continue to strike the rhetoric of the rally. Most of the presidential debates that overshadowed the war in Ukraine continued their campaigns quietly, finally damaging the sponsorship of PS Mayor Marseille Benoit Payan. But it’s too late. The horizon is blocked because there were 181 signatures three days before the deadline and they were excluded from Francois Bayle’s sponsored banks due to too few votes. She didn’t want to be another candidacy on the left: at least that was a success.