Cleverly maintained ambiguity regarding program encryption

Marine Le Pen at the Presidential Program Costing Conference in Paris on March 23, 2022.

Words are dropped. On Tuesday, March 22, in response to a question from the French Blue audience, Emmanuel Macron admitted that it had been reproduced to compensate for the rise in fuel prices. “” Whatever you need “ With a pump ».. For weeks, the prime minister of the business world, Bruno Le Mer, has only hit the situation of a surge in inflation. As a result, the government has already invested nearly 30 billion euros since September 2021. Table – The vast support of the two-year pandemic has nothing to do with the recovery plan. Does Macron have a deeper pocket than the president?

More promises than a source of savings and detailed financing, it’s a classic of the president’s campaign. But in this respect, 2022 is even more advanced than 2017. The appearance is deceptive, as some candidates for Elysée talked specifically about the cost of their program: Jean-Luc Mélenchon, March 12, Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen, Wednesday, March 23. Still, presenting a seemingly balanced program by matching spending and income does not guarantee the credibility of a political project. “You can put a picture, whatever you like!», I remember Mathieu Plane, an economist at the French Economic Observatory.

“I’ve gone through it’at any cost'”

“Compared to 2017, the budget issue has moved to second or even third place in the candidate’s concerns., In particular, those who have traditionally been identified as financially wise. “Emphasizes Philip Martin, head of the Economic Analysis Council, a think tank attached to Matignon. “In the meantime, interest rates have fallen,’whatever you need’ has passed, and the explanation of debt has changed.”Summarizes those who participated in the development of Emmanuel Macron’s program five years ago.

Emmanuel Macron, the last candidate to announce his program, is no exception.Former Minister of Economy of Francois Hollande gave his detailed project in 2017 echo, Left the observer hungry. On Thursday, March 17, despite a press conference lasting more than four hours, the head of state left a large gray area in a way of raising € 50 billion. “Financial effort” He promises more than 5 years.

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Approximately 15 billion are believed to be due to major reforms (pension, unemployment insurance, full employment) and the other 1.5 billion are due to components. “Drastic reform” With “Simplification” (Implementation of Vitale ecards, minimum tax on multinational corporations, regulation and proper allocation of social interests, electronic billing, etc.). Finally, € 20 billion savings will come from slowing spending growth by local governments and states. And this is despite the fact that some of the measures announced prior to the announcement of the program (increased budget for defense and safety, unfreezing points in the civil service index) have not been budgeted. The expected growth in 2027 is not mentioned in any document for the time being, but it is 1.8%, according to the president-elect’s campaign team. Long before the war in Ukraine, the last stabilization program sent to Brussels a year ago counted less (1.4%).

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