Comments from French TV, Scandal-Causing Tour

Along with Marion Ruth, Laurent Jalabert and Alexandre Pasteur, Frank Ferrand is not unanimous.

The Tour de France’s French television system is functioning properly. Since 2017, the team hasn’t changed with comments from Alexandre Pasteur, Laurent Jalabert and Marion Ruth. The trio is adjacent to Mark Ferrand in the role of historian of the tour popularized by Jean-Paul Olivier. Features that are not neutral.

“I think 50% of people are watching the tour and seeing France differently. What we are doing is a live report.”Is also used to describe Alexandre Pasteur about the Grande Boucle. The comments of writers and historians are even more important.

However, it is clear that the intervention of the natives of Poitiers is not unanimous. And not just because of his very right-wing position, which he had shown in CNews’ mics and Valeur Actuelles columns. On Sunday, Frank Ferrand caused controversy by shining his “anti-backs” position as Covid began to cause havoc within Peloton on the tour.

“How do you get columnist Frank Ferrand, Antivax, and the infamous Antipass to express themselves that, despite Covid, you shouldn’t forget the” essentials “of the tour? The “main thing” is the health of runners and followers. “It was Roger Zabel who was indignant. Like previous presenters, many Internet users are also complaining about the author’s comments.

At the beginning of the week, Frank Ferrand had already surprised some viewers by awakening Louis Ferdinand Celine’s asylum in Denmark “while waiting for the storm to go away.” Sweet words that evoke support for the Nazi regime …