Communitarianism in the field of youth and sports: the final report

Jean Damien Lesson from Localtis

The National Education Inspection Génér (IGESR) report has been wiggled for several months after its completion. Last delivery so far: A report on “Phenomena of Communitarism within Sports and Youth Associations in Collective Acceptance of Minors or Other Acceptance Structures for Youth”. It was submitted in July 2021 and was online only at the end of April. However, the most striking date to remember in this report is October 21, 2020, the day a note from the head of the IGESR appointed two pilots and a project manager … from the assassination of Samuel. Five days later Patty by a radical Muslim. The name of the professor of historical geography of Conflent Santo Honorin is also mentioned several times in the report.

Case limited to variable strength

To raise the issue, the author wrote that since the 1980s, France has “experienced increasing signs of communitarianism and emphasis on the phenomenon of communitarianism, especially within the Arab-Islamic community, but more recently. I’m also experiencing waves, “the immigrants identified in their preface’. They add: “When a particular phenomenon of communitarianism can be strictly linked to political and cultural claims […]The most prominent in public are spiritual and even religious concerns. Similarly, if “some warnings have been reported” related to the evangelical Protestant, fundamentalist Catholic and ultra-orthodox Jewish movements, the most mentioned signs of communism are real or The assumed risks mainly refer to Muslim religions and have the general impression of increased growth and visibility.

This raised-not without clarification-, the mission focused its research on three types of symptoms that correspond to what it considers to constitute a “communist drift”. […] It casts doubt on the foundation of living with the foundation of the republic. ”: Denial of Republican values ​​and principles, withdrawal of identity or community by affirming an identity different from the national community, and proselytist attempts with pressure. It is “limited in number, varying in strength, but sometimes worried”, but “all structures, regardless of their origin or purpose, are exposed to community demands, tensions, or pressures.” It has led to the claim that “it has been done.” “Two cases of professional football clubs seem to show that these phenomena can be affected for some time,” testimony.


The mission also focused on “blind spots” derived from new, less organized and standardized sporting practices (outdoor activities, open access urban facilities, private and commercial offers). For example, it emphasizes the case of sporting goods made available by the local government, but the local government “does not provide supervision. This is often their use by a group of young men. Can lead to a form of “confiscation”. “.

Finally, the mission is about “gray areas under development” around the “proposing to replace the flaws of public institutions” multi-service offers, “essentially in the suburbs of the city, small or large. I received a lot of testimony. ” These structures organize support for homework, sports and cultural activities, and even for short stays, “organizers can circumvent restrictions on the collective acceptance of minors. […] In some cases, it is a national education staff who is active independently, such as Hauts-de-France. Some structures do not require subsidies or the use of municipal facilities, “the report points out.

Weakened public services

This pressure comes in many forms. The report first cites individual requests for, for example, Ramadan practice, shower refusal, or prayerful prayer. According to the report, “less frequent but more problematic” is often a demand and action of a collective nature associated with the refusal of diversity. Finally, the mission reports rare cases of attempts to join a club, association, or social center, and the presence of a partially or completely community club (mostly male). She said these cases were “subject to security by the authorities,” but “the intervention of elected officials or the actions of the community, if sometimes necessary, can reverse the trend fairly quickly.” It has said. Exclude leaders. “

How can these phenomena be explained? The mission is not only socio-economic inequality, urban isolation and discrimination, but also “approximate or misunderstanding of secularism”, weakening of public services in certain areas, difficulty in managing youth and sports. Citing that-the report reports that these services “have lost human resources and levers, they can gain detailed knowledge about the actors in the field”-and “within public institutions”. Too Shared Skills “-It’s an increasingly popular education here that goes within the scope of shared abilities between sports, youth, and the various levels of municipality, not to mention the CAF. Assistance and subsidies, especially “uneven practices at the level of local governments”, especially “the desire to deal with some elected officials”, in order not to offend anyone, especially their members. For all demands of money. “

Since 2014, he points out a mission at the local level, especially if actions are taken in a fairly positive manner by public authorities, especially through “establishing a common culture of vigilance in the administration and the federal government”. “By refusing, it is more difficult to act without knowing if it is permitted or for fear of stigmatizing the association, the club, or the sport.” “It’s these locals who are having a hard time getting the tools and training introduced,” she says. [qui] We are now the first to observe violations of Republican principles and behavior that goes against cohabitation. “

Partially expected recommendations

A mission that worked during a parliamentary debate dedicated to a bill confirming respect for the Republic’s principles, which was decisively adopted on July 23, 2021 (read our article on July 26, 2021). Please), some of its proposals intersect with currently applicable provisions. However, if the community has to appoint a “secular referent” in the future, and if civil servants have to be trained on the principles of secularism, the same will be elected locally, as required by the mission. It should be noted that this does not apply to officials.

In other words, a recommendation aimed at developing cooperation among all public aid managers for the strict application of the terms of aid for Republican involvement contracts is in Article 63 of the Act. Mostly seen. This stipulates that the association will notify the mayor when it confirms the withdrawal or suspension of approval, in which case the mayor may withdraw the subsidy or suspend the provision of public facilities.

On the other hand, the author of the report, when the law requires federations to report behavior that violates the principles of the Republic, “abuse of communitarianism, strictly structured at the level of law and ethics. “Associated with the support system of actors who regret their desire to create a tool for reporting” was not finally followed up.