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Under the French president, 27 are committed to greener, more responsible sport.

At the end of negotiations under the French Presidency of the EU Council, the 27 EU Sport Ministers unanimously adopted a conclusion on green and responsible sport. This text encourages Member States, the European Commission and the sport movement to not only reduce their impact on the environment, biodiversity and climate, but also to increase education and awareness of sustainable development. make ambitious and innovative recommendations to

On the occasion of the Sport Council on 4 April 2022, the conclusions on “Sport and physical activity, promising tools for changing behavior in favor of sustainable development” will be adopted by the 27 EU Sport Ministers it was done.

This text emphasizes the need for sport in its broadest sense to reduce its impact on the environment, biodiversity, and the environment (sport practice, construction, renovation, infrastructure maintenance and use). , the production and consumption of goods and services, the organization of events, etc.). climate.

It also reminds us of the importance of strengthening the role of sport in raising awareness and changing behavior towards the Sustainable Development Goals, especially among young people.

To achieve this dual purpose, concrete recommendations have been developed and are drawing the attention of Member States, Commissions and sports movements.

Member States should, inter alia, encourage event organizers to measure and reduce their carbon footprint, set up compensation mechanisms for inevitable damage to the environment, award public funds and contracts, or Asked to demand increased importance of environmental and social criteria in appointing greens. sports ambassador.

The European Commission, focusing on the work of the Group of Experts on Green Sport, was asked to adopt European standards in this area and to include the issue of social and environmental responsibility in the European Union’s consideration of the model of sport. I’m here. You can also make green sports a priority for your Erasmus+ Sport program.

Finally, the sports movement integrates sustainability and social responsibility issues into the training of athletes and sports professionals, taking into account ecological, social, good governance, democracy and human rights protection issues. You are asked to The long-term legacy of these events.

This ambitious and innovative document was negotiated from January to March 2022 within the Council’s Sports Group, which brought together experts from 27 sports ministries. A broad consensus was quickly reached on the importance of green and responsible sport and the need to accelerate and strengthen the administration and sports movement in this direction.

Discussions focused on the normative nature of recommendations directed to sport movements, in order to find the right balance between the ambition of the text and respect for the autonomy of sport movements. Ensured that the recommendations submitted to the Commission fully respect national competence in sport. Finally, the delegation ensured that the recommendations addressed to Member States were ambitious but did not constitute a disproportionate administrative and financial burden.

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