Confused visibility on Friday, March 25

RATP Strike: Confused Vision on Friday, March 25

Strike RATP. On Friday, March 25, 2022, Metro, RER A and B, buses and trams may be disrupted due to unlimited strikes by RATP agents. What kind of traffic forecast is it?

[Mis à jour le 23 mars 2022 à 08h07] A strike was announced on Friday, March 25, 2022 at the Paris Transportation Network (RATP). After the black day of February 18, RATP unions (CGT RATP, FO-RATP, Solidaires RATP, UNSA RATP, CFE-CGC Groupe RATP, La Base groupe RATP) will continue to mobilize in the metro and will be managed by RATP. RERA and RERB will get a general increase in wages. “Today, RATP’s economic and financial indicators are green. Agents do not accept budget deficits and join the environment that provokes anxiety about openness to competition and serious company transformation,” said the representative. Explains. In a letter to CGT RATP Bertrand Hammache, President Catherine Guillouard Parisian..

The “ground network”, a bus and tram agent, has been mobilized on a large scale to protest the consequences of the opening of the RATP bus network to competition from 2025. UNSA, CGT, FO, SAT, CFDT jointly press release “Pejorative attitude of management” in the face of these “company agreements” and “claims of rising wages”. Traffic forecasts will be announced here around 5 pm this Wednesday.

VSThis March 25 strike may be unlimited and the press release will specify the union FO-Groupe RATP, which is the majority of metro drivers. “The issue of the form the movement should take and the indefinite strike will be discussed with employees in the coming weeks and will not be proclamed in advance by the union,” the CGT-RATP Secretary-General warned.

The union continues to demand salary increases and believes it has failed to win the proceedings not only on February 18, the day of the previous mobilization, but also after the first day of salary negotiations within the Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens. After discussions with management, he lamented on February 18, “The debate is stagnant. Management is irresponsible.” “Since the 18th, when there were many strikers, management hasn’t considered the proposal,” said BFM Paris Line 5 metro driver and FO-RATP Union member Bastian Bertier. “We have rebelled against the insults and all unions agree. Today, management has one month left to confirm the copy and receive us.”

Trade unions have argued that management’s offer to raise salaries is very low, reaching 0.4%, regarding inflation.MeCGT is demanding an annual increase of 3% over the next three years. “Employees’ purchasing power has melted in 10 years,” UNSA-RATP Executive Secretary Arole Lamasse protested to Le Figaro. “Now we can see young new hires leaving after three months to earn more at McDonald’s.” … As part of that, RATP management said the annual negotiations were “finished.” I specified it.

On Friday, February 18, a representative of the SUD Railroad Union, Fabien Villedieu, declared in a microphone at RMC that the strike would stop “from the moment he heard the employee.” “Cold anger is growing,” he added. “All employees who are called second-line employees, were a little applauded in 2020, are considered almost heroes, and feel like zero today.”

Friday, March 25, 2022, “The entire transportation network in Paris needs to be shut down by the double mobilization of RATP agents. In fact, strikes are very powerful in the metro part of RATP, bus and tram drivers.” .. The turmoil will be announced here at least 48 hours ago. Stay connected!

  • Metro Confusion: On Friday, March 25, 2022, you should expect the closed stations and metro to operate only during rush hour. Only auto lines 1 and 14 will probably work fine, but be aware of the risk of saturation. The turmoil will be announced here within a few hours.
  • RER Interference: On Friday, March 25, 2022, RERs C, D, and E controlled by SNCF are not affected by this strike, so only RERA and B are affected by the interference. The announcement of the mayhem will be coming soon.
  • Bus Suspension: Bus traffic is expected to be disrupted on Friday, March 25, 2022. The interruption will be announced here.
  • Tram Confusion: On Friday, March 25, 2022, tram traffic will need to be interrupted, with the exception of T4 and T11 managed by SNCF. Please stay tuned. The turmoil is about to end.

RATP Strike: Where to Find Real-Time Traffic Forecasts?

Several tools are available on the web to find out about future traffic jams. See this page to know the status of RATP traffic (metro, RER, bus, tram in real time). For RER, you can also follow your Twitter account @RERA, @RERB, @RERC, @RERD where @RERE.. To track train traffic in real time, visit the Transilien website.