Congress has adopted an extension of the abortion period from 12 weeks to 14 weeks

After a winding parliamentary journey, this text was subject to a final vote in parliament on Wednesday, February 23.

Extreme final reforms to give more progressive notes to the Macronist balance sheet. On Wednesday, February 23, the Diet decisively adopted an extension of the legal access period to abortion from 12 to 14 weeks of gestation.This proposed lawStrengthen the right to abortion»Also allows midwives to have an abortion with an instrument, eliminates the 48-hour reflex period for minors, and extends the period of reliance on medical abortion in the city to up to 7 weeks.

Enforced by Deputy Alban Guylot (formerly LREM, unregistered), the law was adopted with 135 votes in favor, 47 votes against, and 9 abstentions with the support of LREM.

“This is a big victory for women, an important message for society as a whole, and a big step forward.”Welcome to Albane Gaillot right after voting. “This law lifts the brakes on abortion in France. It was unthinkable to continue such a woman’s disability or endangerment situation.”, Add LREMMP Cecil Muschotti, author of the Parliamentary Report on this subject.

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“When some countries question the basic rights of this woman, we are proud that France is reaffirming and expanding it.”Reacted to the Minister of Health on Twitter.

This text has been the subject of a long parliamentary journey and lively debate since October 2020. Its first version provided for the removal of abortion-specific conscience clauses. This highly controversial measure in the medical community was eventually removed from the text. A compromise discovered after Olivier Véran, himself a doctor, announced his own reservations.After issuancePosition of wisdom“The government has finally decided to support the text.

And this is despite Emmanuel Macron’s clear position, which he declared in July 2021 to be disadvantageous in extending the deadline. “Personally”..He was confirming his position at FigaroWhile saying in November 2021 “Respect the freedom of parliamentarians“.

On the doctor’s side, the text is not unanimous. From the first debate, the National University of Obstetrics and Gynecology (CNGOF) warned in harsh words about the concrete reality of abortion in 14 weeks. “To get the ossified head out of the uterus, you have to crush it with special forceps, which is not only dangerous, but can naturally be shocking to the majority of practitioners. It’s a gesture of fetal expansion. “

Professor Nid Sand of Israel, the President of the Body, sees it as a false and good solution. “I’m very angry. It’s a good political move, but in reality, this law isn’t in favor of women. Hospitals had to be given the means to accept abortions in an emergency, but it’s money It tookHe confided on Wednesday. Instead, keep making reservations with women within 4 weeks. This exacerbates the already vulnerable healthcare system. ” During the vote, adjutants LR Genevieve Levy and UDI Valerie Six lamented the lack of means given upstream for contraception and better access to early abortion, at a disadvantage to the text.

However, in this logic of avoiding delays, the government generalized the measures taken during detention by a decree announced on February 20.