Corp Volleyball, a pillar of community life that keeps the flames alive

Behind the pros of Narbonne Volleyball, it attracts so many recreational players who have perpetuated a gaming tradition based on joy and cheerfulness for decades.

Narbonne corporate volleyball? institution! A venerable institution. Unique in the soil of Aether and far beyond it. For decades, we no longer count the number of his followers who have evolved in various gymnasiums in the city. After the Covid period, when they were closed, the business revived around the hardcore of believers built up over the years. “We were afraid to lose a lot of people, but in the end, if we actually lost two or three teams, we won the other team.”Welcome to the President of Narbonne Volley Corp Jean Francois Bailes, who reveals the secret of success, the two unwavering pillars. “Pleasure and friendliness” !!

This season, 43 teams are competing, a total of 561 men and women are enrolled on the tablet, 31 men’s teams are divided into 4 level groups, and 12 women’s teams make up 2 groups.

Initially, Georges Pistolette and Daniel Bonafos were employees of the Ministry of Sports when they started corporate sports in the four corners of the country. Tandem will continue to steer for 30 years. Jean-Francois Bailes and his close guards have perpetuated the tradition for 12 years.

43 teams and 561 players

Currently, the association has a Facebook page that offers courses for young people who want to discover volleyball during school vacation (unlike federal club courses aimed at improving) and implements a project for the beach volleyball club in Narbonne Plage. I am. Make up for the “deficiency” of corporate volleyball from June to September when indoor volleyball breaks. NVC is a true hymn of leisure volleyball, with many former League B or A pros (Kojan, Camacho, Rubert, Martin, Mir, Nicole, Baranov, Julia, Schneider, etc.). People who can no longer be regrouped so that there is not much difference in level. The link between Narbonne Corp Volley and the city’s federal clubs (UVBN, NVB, MJC Volley, which became Narbonne Volley) is also closely related, first bringing the audience of supporters second in particular. For over 40 years, the two have linked the history of Narbonne volleyball. And perhaps by overlapping one side with the other in this way, volleyball endured and shined in Narbonne.

Six From All Saints’ Day to Spring, there will be more than 300 matches with the championship (4 boys and 2 girls). “We play as many games as possible every Monday to Friday, except weekends and school holidays, so that everyone can play.”Jeff Vales says.

Of that Gymnasiums, buffet gymnasiums and sports halls of sports parks are used.

4-5 years Self-referential matches are always played in 3 sets of 25 points, with a required 2 point difference. Each set earned is worth 1 point.

Two teams This season, minors have been merged into one male and one female. With the arrival of the next generation, corporate volleyball updates will include the emergence of Neo Narvone (eg Austria and Italy).

The team has an hour and 45 minute slot to take a shower and play.

Season Divided into training periods up to All Saints’ Day, four men’s and two women’s championships follow until the beginning of April, after which seven cups, five men’s and two in the form of hens, according to the classification of the championship. The women’s cup is composed.

16-76 years old, This is the age range of players this season between Amaya born in 2007 and Alain and Jean born in 1945.

9 people Organize Narbonne Volley Corps: Jean-François Vails (President), Céline Rannou (Accounting), Philippe Mattera, Thierry Auriol, David Bonnet, Louis Aymeric, Guillaume Gouaze (Website and Results Entry Program), Marc Chambellant (For Minors) Communication and support)) and Christophe Le Berre (in charge of adult training and youth courses).