Corsinationalists accused of the death of Prime Minister Elignac succumbed to a prison attack.

His death is a reflection of what made him famous: an event that goes beyond the framework of a simple news item. Yvan Colonna, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the assassination of Governor Elignac, died at the hospital on Monday at the age of 61. Detainees in Arles prison. “Ivan Corona’s family confirmed his death at a hospital in Marseille tonight. She asked for respect for her mourning and did not comment,” Spinoshi told AFP.

On March 2, Frank Elon Abe, convicted of terrorist acts, especially in Afghanistan, attacked while Corsican nationalists were in the waitroom. According to CCTV footage, he first throws himself at him, crushing his trachea, especially with his feet, and then choking with a plastic bag. Incredible violence for almost eight minutes, “systematic relentlessness,” said Jean-Francois Ricardo, an anti-terrorist prosecutor who “leaves little doubt about the intent of the murder” of the suspect. The latter acknowledges the fact that he was in police custody, indicating that he did so after comments he considered blasphemous.

“The state was legally responsible for the safety of Ivan Corona.”

Why would such a tragedy occur when Ivan Corona and the suspect were in the position of “especially guarded detainees”? Why wasn’t there a guard in the immediate vicinity? How could Frank Elon Abe gain ancillary status despite numerous incidents during his detention? In parallel with the criminal investigation conducted by the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday, March 3, an administrative investigation was launched to clarify possible shortcomings and mistakes. “The state was legally responsible for the safety of Ivan Corona. […].. The prison administration, and the entire political hierarchy on which it depends, will have to explain to his family, “one of his lawyers, Me Patrice Spinosi, said in a press release the day after the attack.

Beyond the circumstances of his death, the emotions caused by the death of Yvan Colonna more than 24 years after the bullet was assassinated on Claude Erighak’s neck are the effects of this incident and far beyond the island. Shows beauty. “A very serious and unprecedented barbaric act in our history,” was claimed by then-President Jacques Chirac the day after the incident. It was the first time the governor had been assassinated since Jean Moulin during World War II. A gesture claimed by FLNC’s small dissident group, “Anonymous,” aimed at giving an electric shock among nationalists.

“We have to go back to the situation at the time,” claims political scientist Xavier Cretierz, a professor at Science Po Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Since the early 1990s, Corsican nationalists have been in the logic of division. By killing Governor Elignac, the unit’s purpose is not to reach the state enough to take actions that allow him to regain legitimacy when the FLNC is weakened. In fact, the opposite is true. Five days after the assassination, 40,000 Corsica (20% of the population) quietly demonstrated in the cities of Ajaccio and Bastia, condemning Commando’s actions.

Running 4 years, 1 month, 11 days

The investigation was stalled for a year, even though nearly 370 people were arrested in 1998 alone. The first secret of the case. On May 21, 1999, four separatists, Alan Ferrandi, Pierre Alessandri, Marcel Istria and Didie Maranelli, were arrested. During police detention, they admitted to participating in the attack and gave the name of the “fifth man” who triggered Beretta 9mm. The shooter was Yvan Colonna, a Cargèse shepherd west of the island and the son of a socialist adjutant. However, a few hours after the information leaked and claimed innocence in front of the TF1 camera, the suspect’s number one disappeared. “Maybe we have a profile of the person responsible for this action, but it has nothing to do with it. I don’t know why this relentless attitude,” he says before taking him to Maki.

A sheep shed where Ivan Corona was arrested for an attack in July 2003.
A sheep shed where Ivan Corona was arrested for an attack in July 2003. -BELZITJEAN-PIERRE / SIPA

The Cargèse shepherd has never left his island if the investigation led the investigator to the four corners of the globe. He only moves from an isolated farm to an isolated farm for four years, one month, and 11 days. “There may have been a somewhat romantic image of a resistant person or a Maki person around Ivan Corona,” Xavier Cretiez analyzes. But don’t think he was helped by the whole island. He received the support of a very small circle of relatives. In June 2003, the campsite manager, who was supposed to lead the raid to the height of propriano, finally turned around in the sheep shed where the suspect was hiding. Ivan Corona was arrested on May 4, 2003. That same night, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who made his arrest a hobby horse, was delighted. “French police have just arrested Yvan Colonna, the assassin of Prime Minister Elignac,” he declares, ignoring the presumption of innocence.

Systematic refusal to transfer to Corsica

Despite his constant denial, the nationalist was sentenced to life imprisonment on December 13, 2007. The ruling, confirmed in 2009 but revoked by the Court of Cassation, was the final trial of 2011, with the current Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond Moretti. “These convictions did not provoke a particular reaction on the island, political scientists identify, while the three men still detained in this case were nearly sentenced to imprisonment on Corsica. Unanimously supported. »»

Yvan Colonna, like Alain Ferrandi and Pierre Alessandri, has been sentenced to life imprisonment and is required to be transferred to Borgo Prison due to his status as a “particularly guarded detainee” (DPS). It has always been rejected. To ease the intense tensions in Corsica over the past few weeks, Jean Castex has decided to lift this measure, first for the Cargèse shepherds and then for the other two members of Commando. Announced. Later, Ivan Corona saw a suspended sentence at the end of last week.