Costil saw the management of the locker room supporting his goalkeeper

After a nightmare afternoon experienced on Sunday, Girondins Bordeaux’s tensions are very high between the new home defeat against Montpellier (0-2) 11-9 and the incident with supporters during and after the meeting. It remains. The Benoit Costil case embodies this. International goalkeepers argued with one of the leaders of Ultramarine, the largest group of Bordeaux supporters, before being simply accused of racism by the latter.

As revealed 20 minutesUnder the influence of emotions, At the end of the meeting, Benoît Costil announced to certain teammates and employees that he would be leaving the club soon. This Monday, Doorman didn’t seem to be a little assertive. After attending scrub training, he met technical director Admar Lopes and his representatives. At this stage, there is no rigorous negotiation to talk about possible breach of contract before the end of the season, but there are thoughts on his future. It is not yet known if players intend to file complaints after these racist accusations, and in particular Ultramarine intends to publicly provide evidence of their accusations.

Reflective support letter

Few people understand this accusation in the changing rooms and around the club. Some of them, like current goalkeeper coach Gregory Coupe and former club doorman Benoît Costil’s best friend Frederick Lou, gave him their support. Players such as Enock Kwateng and M’Baye Niang also denied racism by their teammates while interacting with fans after the match. Southwest.

The entire locker room supported goalkeepers this Monday at a group cohesion meeting with management represented by Admar Lopes, Thomas Jacquemier (General Manager) and James Steven (one of the rights to weapons). Since then, due to the lack of official communication from the club, players are considering issuing support statements on their behalf. Reflections are still underway on Tuesday morning, but they hope that the letter is legally sound and especially verified by internationals who are not necessarily on the scene during this truce. .. Meanwhile, this Tuesday’s petanque afternoon was canceled …