Could this young baseball player from Perpignan become a star in the United States?

Ismaïl Pontiac grew up in Perpignan in the Moulin à Vent district.
Ismaïl Pontiac grew up in Perpignan in the Moulin à Vent district. (© IsmailPontiac)

native Perpignan, Ismail Pontiac Today is one of the greatest hopes of his sport, America In the coming months and years.Fell into the pot baseball Very small, young man 21 years old Achieved a real feat: Integration American national team, The world’s largest championship ante camber. News Perpignan I painted his portrait.

Ismaïl Pontiac trained at Phénix de Perpignan

First interested rugby, From an early age, Ismail was too small to join the club plant In the wind. The child stays in the neighborhood, Sports park Where he integrates Phoenix of Perpignan, The only baseball club in East Pyrenees. This is the beginning of everything. “I was immediately hooked on this sport, I never left,” recalls Ismaïl.

At Pontiax, we must say that baseball is really a family problem. His father, Michael, Become a manager of the local youth team French youth team coach.. And his uncle is also one of the club’s coaches.

“I was always lucky Around the site, Even before I started playing baseball thanks to my dad. At a very early stage, I had a habit of throwing and hitting balls.Then when I started training To player In Perpignan, without pretending to be anything Easy for me..I hit harder than others, I didn’t have Not afraid of the ballI already had a particular habit, “explains the young genius.

Great potential

“I practiced at first This sport for fun, Ismail explains. “Then, when I had, the federation established a local youth team. I’m 11 years old. At that time, I began to understand that I had a certain level and could do something with it.Coach I hope Paul I was interested in hiring me from Montpellier, “he explains.

Perpignan, Montpellier … afterwards Toulouse, Where Ismaïl integrates CREPS France Division, In his high school days. “In Toulouse, somehow University contract To America. From that moment on, reaching a high level became a real goal, “Perpignan guarantees.

Ismail Pontiac
Ismail Pontiac (© DR)

From Perpignan to the University of Arkansas

of 2019, Ismaïl Pontiac crosses and integrates across the Atlantic Ocean Cochise College, of Arizona. With his team, he plays in the first junior college division.Barely a few months later he French youth team Play Euro U23.

Video: Currently in Actu

To his bystander American studies (He lives only thanks to college scholarships), Ismaïl Pontiac continues to advance his sport.A few weeks ago the news fell, some University Interested in his profile, of which c, In Monticello, NCAA-2 (2When University faculty).Therefore, Ismail First french Join a team at this level.

“This is just the beginning. There is still a long way to go.”

“This is just the beginning, The road is still long. But I am very grateful to have come to this today. I am very happy and very excited about the idea of ​​discovering a higher level next year.that is Big challenge “Who is waiting for me”, measure the parties evolving to the position of the launcher (read elsewhere).

Celebrator 22 years old The beginning of June is at the current gate Major League Baseball, The most prestigious championship on the planet. “Everything is possible. I clearly dream of becoming a professional,” says Ismaïl.

Summoned by French team, In 2020, the Perpignan natives were unable to know his first choice because the meeting was canceled due to Covid-19. This summer, the latter will finally achieve his first goal: wearing a blue-white-red jersey. Before making France and Pyrenees Oriental shine in America?

Baseball pitching position: Instruction manual

Where is the baseball pitcher? Ismaïl Pontiac explains all this to us.

“My role is to throw the ball at the wrestler who is the teammate behind the opponent who has the baseball bat, and my goal is to prevent the opponent from hitting the ball. There are many techniques to do. Balls, balls that are affected by direction and speed. You must be able to make the striker as unstable as possible. “

Ismaïl invites you to understand his role in a short video of his training (below).


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