Covid-19: Death in China for the first time in a year, increasing number of cases in France … What’s new about pandemics

In France, the new restrictions were shown to be lifted at the beginning of the week, with 97,579 positive cases recorded in 24 hours on Friday, compared to 72,399 last Friday. Le Parisien will keep track of the pandemic situation this Saturday.

Increasing positive cases in France

Covid-19 contamination in France increased by 36% per week, with an average of 82,356 cases per day over the past week (+ 36% per week). However, hospital pressure continues to decline. As of Friday, 20,519 patients were hospitalized with a diagnosis of Covid-19. It was 20,609 the day before and 21,024 seven days ago. Omicron’s “younger brother”, a variant of BA.2, now has a majority in France.

China has recorded the first two deaths in over a year

According to the National Health Commission, mainland China has recorded the first two deaths from Covid-19 in more than a year as it has suffered the largest outbreak of coronavirus since the start of the pandemic. These deaths occurred in the state of Jillin, in the northeastern part of the country. They are the first in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) since January 26, 2021, with 4,638 pandemic casualties in mainland China. Authorities recorded 4,051 new infections nationwide this Saturday. President Xi Jinping has guaranteed that the government will “stick” to the so-called “zero corona” strategy, according to public television. Authorities are scrambling to free hospital beds, as tens of millions of people are currently trapped in their homes across the country and the outbreak can seriously strain the medical system.

Burma reopens for foreign tourists

Burma plans to resume international passenger flights on April 17, the military announced after two years of closure of foreign tourists. This decision aims to “improve the tourism sector and facilitate the travel of people visiting Burma” and guarantees the military. Southeast Asian countries closed their borders in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic to prevent the outbreak of the colonavirus. However, according to the Ministry of Health, a week’s quarantine with two PCR tests is required by visitors who must be fully vaccinated. The country recorded up to 40,000 daily pollution at the peak of last year’s epidemic, with official casualties totaling about 20,000 deaths.

The Francophony International Convention will be held in Kinshasa in the summer of 2023.

The La Francophony IX game, scheduled for 2022 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), will be held in Kinshasa in the summer of 2023 before being postponed for Covid, and will be held at the La Francophony International Organization ( OIF) announced. .. The Democratic Republic of the Congo was designated in 2019 and was scheduled to host these games in 2021. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was postponed to 2022, after which the game was postponed again to 2023 in February last year. The previous edition, held in Côte d’Ivoire in 2017, attracted approximately 3,500 participants in 10 days, including 2,500 young athletes and artists from 53 countries.

Austria repositions masks indoors

In the face of increased pollution, Austria will re-install the mask (FFP2) indoors. The Minister of Health thought the release of the measures on March 5 was “too wide and too early.”