Covid: 5th wave rebound, BA.2 progress … Should we expect a resurgence of restrictions?

As Covid’s numbers continue to rise in France, scientists are criticizing the decision to lift restrictions in France, including the abandonment of wearing masks.

A little over a week after the regulation was lifted in France, Covid’s epidemic figures have confirmed a rebound. The government has defended the decision, and Olivier Véran explained in a Le Parisien column this Sunday that the choice to lift the measure could be amended as the situation progresses.

Government wants to keep course

“Our only compass has always been the safety and health of the French people. If a new variant threatens us, we will act immediately, whether in a presidential election or not.“BA.2, like Omicron, is so contagious that it partially interferes with traditional braking measures.” There is no reason to impose limits on the entire French population, which many are overexperienced Considering the current danger. “

However, in the face of an increasingly prominent epidemic rebound, hospitalizations have begun to increase. Scientists have criticized the choice to abandon the restrictions and the wearing of masks in the first place.

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“I can’t hear” speech

“There is a paradox. Politics tells us:” We rob everything, we stop everything. “And we have to keep protecting the most vulnerable from the French Ministry of Health and Public Health. There is a campaign telling us that it will not happen, “Estimates Gilles Pialoux at BFM on Monday, March 21st. For him The government speech is “inaudible.” “We must insist that lifting the obligation is not advice to preventive tools.”..

Covid-19: Professor Gilles Pialoux asserts that “hospital pressure has stabilized”

ud83d ude37 “Fulfilling your obligations is not advising preventive tools,” he recalls wearing a mask.

— BFMTV (@BFMTV) March 21, 2022

The same story in the mouth of Catherine Hill, an epidemiologist requested by Express. “”The French are not paying much attention to the message delivered by the government, With the removal of the restriction, cIt’s not really the case, but everything is working very well. ”

Still on Express, epidemiologist Eve Buisson has evoked a rebound on the fifth wave instead of the sixth, questioning the BA.2 subvariant, which now accounts for the majority in France.Mutants found to be more contagious and perhaps more pathogenic “, He warns.

Revival of masks worn in Austria

So is it short-lived in France to unwear a mask? For example, Austria re-imposed the measure two weeks after it was lifted, Antoine Frahout said on Twitter. “European countries are seeing the first impact of casualness in their policies when it comes to managing pandemics.” Scientists say.

3 / 6-Austria urgently resumes forced wearing of masks only two weeks after removing the mask. European countries are seeing the first impact of the casualness of their policies when it comes to managing pandemics.

— Antoine Flahault (@FLAHAULT) March 18, 2022

In France, the government’s stance remains a surveillance stance for the time being. “Pollution is expected to increase until the end of March and before it decreases in April. There are no signs of concern in intensive care,” Olivier Véran pointed out, according to a forecast on which the Minister of Health relies.

Incidence of the elderly monitored by the government

“If you find that the incidence increases between the ages of 65 and 80 and the rebound lasts 3-4 weeks instead of 2 weeks, ask again,” he designated Parisian. ..

The latest figures reported by Santé Publique France this Monday, March 21, show the continued progression of the epidemic. Guillaume Rozier, founder of CovidTracker, said on Twitter: It increased by 36% from last week.