Cursed Totem, Koh Lanta: 18 Things to Remember from Episode 1

Hello Totemix: I’m here.

After the season Legend »Full of flirtation, motels, Pain au Chocolat strikes, and the final Norwin, Koh Lanta Came back. Of course I’m very happy, but I’m a little scared. The injuries are still recent, so maybe a little too much. But hey, let’s move on, and don’t undermine our joy.

Therefore, we set out on a tour with 24 prominent strangers. There are no legends, no oldies, no very good ones. New blood. at last. And a new twist: the cursed totem. Rotten totem. The sentence is not irreparable, but it must be stabbed and must be escaped.

For the rest, Dennis argued: No cheating this season. Finally normally. Finally, hopefully everything goes well. Finally think about it. Finally, you should. Yeah good. here.

So what do you need to remember from the first episode of this Totem môôôôôôdit? Z is gone!

1. Return of the boat

I love starting the season with old-fashioned boat trips.

They are there, they are 24 years old, they are so nice, they all think they are on a cruise. Then Dennis arrives and asks them to fuck in the mouth.


“Hello Candidate, just put a cursed totem this year and tell you that it will fuck your face lol. Now let’s go to the fleet hick.» »

Bar Super Dennis, you are welcome.

3. Dealer

Stephanie looks gigacool, and she doesn’t do a trivial job: a dealer.

This is where we miss Phil, as he would have said 100%. Oh, do you ride a horse? »»

4. Fouzi portrait makes you want to fight

“I’m a financial mbappe”

But Fouzi .. ..

I knew you would hate to say that …

And bahbravo Mbappé, it’s successful.

5. What?

“I’m ready for Koh Lanta. I know how to sew pig’s trotter.”

Okay Lily. Don’t worry, it will come in handy.

6. Heavy blow

Lili and Yannick will end up in the first test, so they will inherit the shit necklace that systematically opposes them at each council meeting until reunification. Obviously a big crap gift that can be handed over to the worst enemies if eliminated.

good atmosphere.

7. I love Celine

Celine, chosen by the winners of the event (Alexandra and JP), is not really happy.

“” Shouldn’t have done it She said she didn’t want to be a captain. At least she admits it.

Just before adding “mdr really you made the worst choice”. We already love it.

8. Alexandra is very honest …

Maybe a little too much.

“We take fonzie” “We take the maturity of Géraldine” “Celine chose you because you smoke.”

She hasn’t participated in the game for 10 minutes, she alienated half of the cast. Great performance.

9. Jean Charles is very cool

There is no valve.

Kind, smiling and JC is cool. He builds the cabin without asking anything. He reminds us of Ugo, and it’s a big compliment.


10. Startup country

We like some candidates, but why are all young business leaders talking like on LinkedIn? We haven’t recovered from Colin’s “engineering” to talk about the cabin. Oh, is it Koh Lanta or is it brainstorming before the conference call? Are you planning to post a moving speech after each piece of advice for team building?

Are you going to put a football table in the camp, replace the water with a feed and vote for the best happiness manager?

Looking for engineering after a call from Dennis?

11. Poor Frank

Please try to imagine. You were preparing to do Koh Lanta for 10 years.

You have passed castings, interviews and health tests.

You are working, your whole family is looking at you. It’s your night.

And your first image is when you drool yourself like an idiot after eating something stinging. Hard blow for François Bayle’s double.

12. Immunity was terrible

A big showdown for the first immune test. Despite the incredible performance, it’s enough to say that Yannick felt very lonely.

But it didn’t count on Celine, who passed 99% of the race on the ground.


Summary of Celine’s Trials.

13. Jean-Philippe’s hearing is reduced

JP before the test: “We have the best team, we are confident and we knock out everyone. »»

JP during the event:

14. Bruce Victory

Bruce won in a very impressive way, the other two tribes go to the council.

And what’s worse, for Green, they rob the cursed totem of punishment: advice right after the test. Well, it’s not really a punishment because it even avoids splitting teams in strategy, so in the end, purple is almost more punished. We see miles away that while they are trying to get rid of Lili and her crappy bracelet, others are crazy about their advice.

And that’s exactly what’s happening. surprised. In addition, she chose to give the bracelet to poor Pauline, who didn’t ask for anything at all.

Goodbye, thank you for stopping by.

15. SethaNi doesn’t understand anything

I’m starting to think about purple advice. And inevitably, Celine is threatened after her performance at the event, like Celine, who is considered too modest.

But Sessa has an idea. To make you believe that Celine discovered that the necklace was eliminated at that location. Just a genius.

16. In the meantime …

LinkedIn tribes discover the existence of ants.

17. Very nice advice

Celine and Celine succeed in suspicious of the team …

But not enough. Celine comes out without so much surprise, and Celine is in Giga Sauce for the rest.

The master stroke is completely lost.

18. Gust

Before leaving, Celine had the opportunity to try a small tackle against Stephanie, saying that Koh Lanta was “neither poker nor vacation.”

But Stephanie returned to him without relying on Rafale. “I went to weave palm trees, cut vines and fetch water. While you did nothing, I did a lot. So a holiday blow, I’m you And I thank you for it. Welcome back. »»

We have never seen such a backlash on the face, it is incredible. Come on, good road Celine.

What a pleasant surprise!

I didn’t expect much this season, but I had a great night! Spectacular places, great images, twists that can be very interesting, casts that can be, and missiles that draw conclusions.

The sequel will live long. As always next week!