D-Day for Senate Report After Confusion

The Senate will report on the causes and solutions that can be provided after the incident in the Stade de France in the Champions League final on Wednesday.

Determine responsibility for the security blunder in the Champions League final in the Stade de France and propose remedies to avoid such confusion during the 2024 Olympics. The Senate will make a decision on Wednesday that has damaged the image of France around the world.

A little over a year after the Rugby World Cup and two years later, it was supposed to be a showcase before the Summer Olympics, but the match between Real Madrid and Liverpool on May 28 was a nightmare for law enforcement and government.

Liverpool fans of the Stade de France Reuters / Panorama

Audiences who do not have tickets to climb the stadium gates, other spectators who have tickets but cannot enter, tear gas sprays by police or theft and attacks by opportunistic criminals: The organization of the conference is “Fiasco” The Senator, who has already accused, will publish an information report on the management of these cases at noon.

“”All lessons need to be learned for the next international sporting event“We warned elected officials led by the President of the Law Commission François Noel Buffet (LR) and the Cultural Commission Laurent Lafon (Centrist).

“”Different hearings highlighted the contradictions between the different people interviewed.“I told AFP Senator LR Michel Savin, the president of a research group dedicated to the major sporting events that requested the investigative committee.

“”There are also communication and information dysfunctions.“He added, assuring that the Senate job had.”You can measure all the points that are malfunctioning and need to be fixed so that they can return a much better image“.

Liverpool fans of the Stade de France Reuters / Panorama

Among those heard by Senators since June 1st are sports group officials, representatives of Liverpool supporters, and French authorities, including the controversial Paris Police Department Didier Lallement, and the Minister of the Interior. Gerald Darmanin has announced his departure.

Back pedal by Gerald Darmanin

The latter blames most of the cases for “30,000-40,000 English supporters“He claimed to most field observers that he had appeared at the stadium.”No ticket or counterfeit ticket“.

Gerald Darmanin’s account was also spoiled by the UEFA, which counted only 2,600 counterfeit tickets at the ticket gates.

And if a European football group tells the Senator that it’s unclear exactly how many supporters who don’t have tickets went around the Stade de France, it’s “I don’t think it was the number mentioned in France“.

“”Had Dalmanin not lying, it would have had nothing to do with it.“François Noel Buffet (LR) estimates in daily interviews with Le Progres at the beginning of the month.

Pushed by critics, the Minister of Interior will approve at the end of June. “Sharing of responsibilities“In the evening failure, his”excuse“To supporters”Those who suffered from this management mistake“.

Beyond police control of the case, the controversy was also fueled by the non-preservation of some of the Stade de France CCTV images described by Senator Buffet as “serious negligence.”

In parallel with the Senate’s work, Michelle Kad, the inter-ministerial representative of the Olympics and major events, was identified as of June 10 in the first report submitted to Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne.FailureAccording to him,”Serious damage to the image of France“.

Without waiting for the Senator’s verdict, Mr. Bourne has already told the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Sports.Implemented without delay»Cadot report recommendations.

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