Daniil Medvedev, the new diagonal number one

I knew it from Thursday after Novak Djokovic lost in the quarterfinals of the Dubai tournament. Nevertheless, it’s still strange to see the new name at the top of the ATP rankings on Monday, February 28th. For 18 years we have lost habits. Daniil Medvedev becomes the new boss of world tennis. The Russians are not the cheapest number one if he partially owes it to the forced withdrawal of his predecessor.

Rolling slowly, the rise of Emperor Medvedev continues mercilessly. It started in August with Russia’s victory over Novak Djokovic in the US Open final. After an unforgettable meeting, it was confirmed at the finalist’s location for Rafael Nadal in Melbourne. Therefore, it ended with the collapse of Djokovic in Dubai, and at the same time his successor was released in Acapulco by a particular Nadal. Therefore, this transfer of power puts an end to the supremacy of the Federer-Nadal-Djokovic trio. Apart from the short advance of put cyst Andy Murray in 2016, their reign has continued since February 2004.

The arrival of the new crown head at the top of the hierarchy should please those who were fed up with the bid to buy the trio in this sport. But the screams have been postponed for a long time. The political situation in the world, including the country of birth of Medvedev, is certainly useless. But even before that, the character of the new king did not seem to have led to a popular referendum. It must be said that Daniil Medvedev has done nothing to secure his benefits. Are the people against him? He eats it. Does he believe Stefanos Tsitsipas’ father is coaching in the semifinals of the final Australian Open? He yelled at the referee and at the same time forgot his most basic respect.

Daniil Medvedev is like that. Rough formwork. It doesn’t matter if he likes it or not. He is already well-related to his own demon to take care of what people say. It will definitely please Michel Houellebec.Like the hero of the author Possibility of the islandThe Russians have this disillusioned disorder and this provocative sensation that allows them to confront adversity.

However, this explosive character has long delayed the flight of Russian rockets. Like his former compatriot Marat Safin, Medvedev has often allowed him to be overwhelmed by his emotions and frustration.

The emperor’s problem was not about tennis. Aside from the name-worthy volley, the 26-year-old does everything for him, despite his sometimes misleading tall stake physique. “”The depth of Djokovic’s shots is reminiscent of Novak Djokovic“” Patrick Mouratoglou explained, Coach of Serena Williams during the Melbourne final. Like the Serbs, he has this elasticity that allows him to cover every corner of the field, and the unpleasant regularity of exchange. If you want to expand the line, Medvedev is Djokovic with the first ball at 210km / h. You’re scared of competition, right?

Unlike Djokovic, who has fought Nadal and Federer for over a decade, it is now difficult to know who can compete with the new emperor among the new generation of players. His closest and most consistent two rivals, Tsitsipas and Zverev, are currently in the following tones: Of course, let Djokovic rest. However, the presence of Serbs in the next Grand Slam tournament remains uncertain due to the refusal to vaccinate against Covid-19.

If there is a shortage of men, perhaps a hostile reason is against long-term renting? So far, clay and grass have regularly slipped under the feet of muscovite. Of course, there seems to be nothing impossible even if you work hard.

But if he wants to reign in the long run, there is another aspect that the new world number one needs to improve. It is the Killer Instinct, another trademark of the Federer-Nadal-Djokovic trio. After his failure in Australia, Medvedev now has a tournament with 13 wins, but with 10 losses in the final. This is an unsuitable ratio for the future giants of the game, but it can also be erased over time. After all, Ivan Lendl was at the top of the ATP rankings for 270 weeks throughout his career, but lost in his first four Grand Slam finals.

It remains to be seen how the Russian will approach the tournament in his new leadership role. Medvedev’s future depends on the pressure and his ability to handle this status. At times, Russians are still on the verge of implosion and appear to be victims of internal storms beneath the skull. As he himself said, last year’s Bercy targeted several troublemakers among the general public, “It’s easier to enjoy life without a brain.” A phrase that Houellebecq would not have denied.