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Bruce is preparing for the Poe meeting.Without it Gael Monfils, France is focused on the Davis cup and Pole AgainstEcuadorFriday and Saturday. Adrian Manarino, Arthur Lindark Netch, Nicolas Mahut, Pierre-Huguerbert And “new child” Benjamin Bonji I’ll have to do that job this weekend. DSince Saturday France Completed and preparing their match in a good mood.. Preparations that can last every day.

Davis Cup 2022-France-Blues in Pau, Ecuador!

First meeting with media on Tuesday

Five blues and captains this Tuesday Sebastien Grojan I talked to the media for the first time this week. As an elder Nicolas Mahut Happy to find “Old-fashioned perfume“, Not only for him, but also for newcomers. I was disappointed to lose early in Innsbruck, but I finally found the French people. This allows you to see high-level meetings without having to go to Roland Garros. I expect the reaction of the people. I’m glad to meet you here. I am also happy for young people. In Innsbruck, it was mostly a closed room in Madrid.They can also discover what the Davis Cup is“, Said Angelvin.

First training at the Palace of Nations on Monday

After working in the court of TC Po Sebastien Grojan Discovered this Monday, the Palace of Nations became “free” after the Telega Open. Quentin Harry’sAnd delivery of the Equipe de France jacket for the premiere Benjamin Bonji And snowshoe preparation Adrian Manarino.. “”This is Adrian’s lab.” had a great time Mayu..

Poe’s Le Bruce: Sunday under the sign of effort

This Sunday with Bruce was put under the sign of effort.Bodybuilding, Elliptical Trainer Arthur Lindark Netch, Benjamin Bonjiyou Adrian Manarino.. “”I know it reassures me when I’m strong against musk.I feel better on the pitch“The latter said. It was an important day to get in shape five days before the meeting with Ecuador! Bonji also received his tracksuit for his first choice. The 91st Frenchman was selected in the Davis Cup!

First day with Bruce on Saturday

The identity of the fifth man has been waiting since Tuesday. Richard Gasquet You may be in Bern.Open 13 semi-finalists Benjamin Bonji Also, because he had a card to play, he was announced as a “surprise guest” for this selection. Dispatch From Friday morning. He received the number 91 tracksuit on Sunday night. Therefore, he can be selected for singles. On paper, he’s the third guy in singles, but according to the form,Ecuador Quite modest, Stade Toulousain players can probably play.No doubt this first weekend Davis cup It will remain engraved in his heart.A beautiful moment he also shares with his friends Arthur Lindark Netch.. All my friends got together on Friday night and started typing from Saturday.