Death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, former star presenter of TF1’s 13H

Journalist Jean-Pierre Pernaut has been a symbol of TF1 news for over 30 years and died of cancer at the age of 71. His family announced on Wednesday.

For over 30 years he embodied in TF1. This is a specific French idea, region, small village, forgotten trade idea. Jean-Pierre Pernout, a symbol of the masses on television at 1:00 pm, just died at the age of 71, and his family announced to AFP on Wednesday. He revealed in July last year that he was suffering from lung cancer.

“There was a leak in the media announcing that I had lung cancer. Certainly, I learned about the disease last May,” he said on Twitter. “I regret smoking for 40 years,” he said on the TPMP set. [ses] I want to “2 packs a day” and “improve prevention”. In 2019, journalists have already chosen to publicly discuss his prostate cancer to break the taboo of the disease.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut began broadcasting on television at the age of 22 at Nord Picard Actualit├ęs for 33 years under the direction of the TF1 1:00 pm newspaper. This Amiens native who passed through Lille’s Journalism High School Email picard..

On February 22, 1988, a year after the privatization of the TF1 Group, he dominated the 1:00 pm newspaper and has taken over Eve Muroshi and Marie Lore Ogre since 1975.

“Territory division”

He quickly turned the meridian rendezvous into a newspaper, emphasizing regional reports and developing the channel’s regional network. “I was tired of not hearing about the snow until it snowed three times on the Pont de l’Alma,” he said. Le FigaroThe end of 2020.

“His obsession is concrete and captivating,” said Gilles Bouleau, also at Le Figaro, praising his proximity to the masses.

“I’m proud to have built a network of local correspondents, communicated the reality of the earth, and spoke to people, not representatives, to combat the very realistic division of territory. “The agency does not want France to look as it is, as some people want,” Jean-Pierre Pernout wrote in his book. 33 years with you.

The recipe is a hit. TF1’s JT initially attracted up to 10 million viewers, and in recent years it has attracted about 5 million viewers. Thirty-three years later, his popularity has not diminished. Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s latest journal, published by him on December 18, 2020, has attracted more than 8 million viewers.

His comments on his treatment of information and the margins of the subject made him blamed for conservatism and populism. I remember his remarks about the relationship between misconduct and immigrants, or the immigration center, which “has no room for homelessness” while “continuing to be open everywhere in France.” These last remarks regretted in 2016, “The formulation of journalists (…) that may suggest that these remarks may encourage discriminatory behaviour,” from the CSA. I even received a call for an order.

“I grow it, the image of the reaction”

“I grow it, the image of the reaction, but it’s not the reaction, it’s the roots, the man who is obsessed with the local culture,” he defended himself.

He took his position and bragged about seeing the Yellow Vest crisis coming and explained it to Tele Loisir. I tell the life of the French, and the newspaper tells the life of the French. If it doesn’t please the few people who have ridiculed me for years … laugh first, and strangely those who haven’t laughed much since the Yellow Vest. I realized that there was France outside the ring road at that time. It’s been 30 years for me … everyone is coming close. “

In addition to television news, Jean-Pierre Pernaut hosted many shows, including a love to live in France in the 1990s. From 1991 to 2010.

Following his JT niche and its costs, he also published several works, including: Money outside the windows, Spectacular crafts, In the center of the areawhere Flavor France..

In 2007, JT Star married former Miss France Natalie Mercy. Together they have two children, Lou and Tom.

If he stopped by at 1 pm, Jean-Pierre Pernout did not lose interest in the French region. He hosted the weekly program Jean-Pierre et vous at LCI, launched an online platform called JPP TV in the French region and heritage, and relayed his “abuse and favorites” and magazines. Located in the center of the area.