Deciphered the amazing Security Council around Vladimir Putin

Large room for a handful of people. The crisis between Ukraine and Russia was characterized by a rare media event on Monday, February 21st. Vladimir Putin convened a security council before announcing the approval of the self-proclaimed republics of Lugansk and Donetsk. the Internet. The purpose of this council was to officially gather opinions on the position of the Russian President that Moscow should be adopted for the territory of pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Franceinfo has returned to this audiovisual strangeness, and the Kremlin master launched an attack on Thursday, February 24th. “Military operations” In Ukrainian territory,“Large aggression” According to Kiev.

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An unusual custom of broadcasting such an event

Security Council filming and broadcasting is a very rare practice in Russia. From CNN, all observers agree on this point (In English) To AFP via Arnaud Duvien, Director of the Franco-Russian Observatory “Wow format”..

But why do you invite your camera to such an event, which is most often held in a closed room, like anywhere else in Russia? “This conference of the Security Council, broadcast on all major Russian television channels, is an incredible staging aimed at unanimously showing the political class in the face of this crucial decision. was.”Researcher Anna Collin Lebedev said by answering questions from franceinfo internet users.

For this security board, Vladimir Putin has brought together, among other things, Prime Minister Mikhail Michostin, Foreign Minister Sergei Labrov, Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu, and former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The event was also attended by Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary-General of the Security Council, and Sergei Narshkin, Director of Foreign Intelligence. Valentina Matvienko, chairman of the federal Senate, the Senate of Parliament, was the only woman in her body.

Staging of verticality of power

During this security conference, Vladimirputin appeared to be sitting at a desk in the luxurious St. Catherine’s room in the Kremlin, which signed the merger of Crimea in 2014. A few meters from other members of the council.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) at the Security Council on February 21, 2022 in the Moscow Kremlin.  (ALEKSEYNIKOLSKYI / SPUTNIK / AFP)

All participants spoke on a white podium on one side of a large room. The president heard them from his office. From a pure point of view of the image “Everything is done to build a democratic process in stages”, Lumière Lyon2 Comments on franceinfo Pierluigi Basso, Professor of Linguistic Sciences at the University. The President of the French Semiotics Association said:“Clear image” And light give that impression “Everything is very clear”, “I can see everything”Specific suggestions “transparency” Of walking.

But when the Russian president pretends to consult to gather various opinions, he is the last person to decide. And above all, this is what various experts can see. “Vladimir Putin has a very vertical government style and strives to show that he is the only one to decide.”, Reminded me of the researcher Anna Collin Lebedev.Opinions shared by Russian and Ukrainian political scientists and experts Nicholas Tenzer to judge this “Completely baroque staging”..

“It was a staging of some sort of absolute domination of the power of a man.”

Nicholas Tenzer, Political Scientist

on franceinfo

In the broadcast image, Pierluigi Basso emphasizes that there is no overall shot connecting Vladimir Putin and the participants.But according to signifiers, it’s an element “Basic” In TV production. According to him, this shows that the Russian president has been isolated and separated from even the highest-ranking leaders of his country.

Humiliation to foreign intelligence director

Among all the aisles on the desk, that of Sergei Narshkin, the boss of foreign intelligence, is widely commented. His visibly confused, stressed, spy on his head splattered.While he mentions the possibility of leaving “last chance” Vladimir Putin has sharply remade it several times in order for Ukraine to follow the peace process. “Speak clearly, Sergei”Launched the President of Russia to him and said “yes” or “no” whether he agreed to recognize the separatist republic. “OK, I have a seat, thank you.”When Sergei Naruishkin finally tolerated, “Merging”As you can see in this BBC video (Russian, but with English subtitles)..

“Surreal exchange”,to write Le Figaro.. “Amazing scene. Soviet Union at the time of reality TV”, Reacted to journalists from world..The scene is “difficult to see”, Commented CNN journalist..

“Everyone played their part, We feel it Sergei Naruishkin is upset. “, Comments on franceinfo Lukas Aubin, cA researcher related to Iris, a Russian geopolitical expert. He made several hypotheses about the cause of this derailment. The director does not know exactly what to say after discussing staging in advance. The issue of annexation is behind the scenes, but this key element should not be revealed publicly. If not, he is simply afraid of Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, the discomfort expressed by the Russian president while listening At Sergei Narychkine, and at other times of the council, usually advance Lukas Aubin. “Vladimir Putin Almost take the position of the emperor.As a substitute for the emperor, there is a courtier and himHe says. His method of governance is reminiscent of old Russia. “

Mysterious timing

This Security Council, a pure sight? This is what the Monday schedule suggests. Television broadcasts were not live broadcasts. The council was recorded at noon and aired around 6 pm (local time). The Kremlin acknowledged that some cuts were made on Tuesday, “Some nuances have not been released.”, Reported by Ria Novosti Agency (In Russian).. After noticing that Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu’s surveillance was showing around 12:45 pm, Internet users wondered when the council was held, so he decided to give these explanations. I was forced to do it.

Therefore, the Security Council was registered even before the call for their independence by the separatist leaders of Lugansk and Donetsk on Monday afternoon. Officially, according to the first version, Vladimir Putin would have said after this call: “The purpose of our meeting [du Conseil de sécurité] Today is to listen to your colleagues and decide what to do next in this direction. “