Defenders confront the Russians, here is the fight

It is premature and dangerous to assert that the Ukrainian army can regain control and push up Russians in some areas. We must recognize that at best the Ukrainians are still resisting and they have recently launched a counterattack with some success.

Ongoing counterattack

One such counterattack is underway in the western suburbs of Kyiv. It aims to regain the three suburbs of Irpin, Butcha and Gostomel, which have been fiercely contested for a month.

Irpin, a scene of fierce fighting over the past few hours, is now 80% held by Ukrainians, who even relocated police there. But Boutcha and Gostomel remain in Russia’s hands.

Cities reclaimed from the Russians

A little further north, the Ukrainians blocked the attackers with Demydiv and Liutij. There, floods on the plains of the river hindered major movements on either side. But they would have regained the village of Moschun, which was captured by Russian Airborne Troops yesterday, March 20.

Another counterattack, launched from the west, made it possible to recapture the town of Macarib, 50 km from the capital. One of the purposes of Ukraine is to capture the section of the M06 highway between Makariv and Myla (the city at the gate of Kyiv). Dominating this section will allow the Russians to be contained north of this highway. This highway passes through some of the currently difficult city supplies and refugees are fleeing.

More generally, Ukrainian efforts are aimed at containing Russians more than 25 km from the center of Kyiv in order to keep Kiev out of the range of Russian artillery. This is also the eastern scenario of the capital, where Russians are trampling in front of Brovary. But in this sector, where Russian artillery remains localized, Ukrainians do not seem to be able to counterattack, but are intense and deadly to civilians.

In the southern part of the country, Ukrainian troops eased the pressure on the city of Mykolaiv by Russians. At the expense of great casualties, the Ukrainians pushed Russia’s pioneers back to Kherson.

Is the Russian attack deadlocked for all of that?

But does this mean a Russian attack? Get stuckAs the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz believes? No, even though the Russian army was weakened by poor logistics and demoralization, it still retains a large area of ​​Ukrainian territory, maintains air superiority fighters for most of the country, and is a skilled fresh army. Trolls almost countless defenders.

Therefore, the counterattack around Kyiv should not forget the unstable position of certain Ukrainian troops. They are under strong pressure in Brovary (east of Kyiv), surrounded by Mariupol and Kharkov, and may detour in the Dnieper region and west of Donbus.

War in Ukraine: Defenders confront the Russians, here is the fight