Delphine Jubillar: This controversial witness who drives points home with her last presumed signs of life

A new revelation regarding the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar was made by Parisians on Wednesday, March 23. These relate to the testimony of her couple’s neighbors.

They came out of silence. Delphine Jubillar has not been discovered since December 16, 2020. The young woman disappeared at Cagnac-les-Mines in Tarn and did not give. Since then, there have been no signs of life. I can continue my research Nothing has been revealed what happened to him. The main suspect in this case is her husband, Cedric Jubiler, who continues to claim his innocence. A new revelation about this disappearance was revealed by Parisians on Wednesday, March 23.From the beginning of the case, two neighbors of the Jubiler couple mentioned High pitched cry From the house of a 33-year-old nurse. They were first heard on 17th December 2020 and then on 2nd January 2021. “”I brought a cigarette and a lighter at the kitchen counter“The oldest, mom said first.I don’t wear a vest, I go straight. I go out to smoke. I don’t remember going to the bathroom.I don’t have my phone, no need“, She remembered. Hearing that was important as it provided clarification About this famous night, especially the fact that he heard a scream just minutes after he arrived on the terrace. “”I remember seeing a street that was very empty compared to the curfew, so I’m facing the door firmly.When I heard the scream, I walked down the aisle and heard, so the scream came later“, She explained. What did she hear?”A dog barking with a scream“, She made a conclusion.

She was afraid. During her hearing, the mother of her family explains that she is afraid of dogs. “”I thought it was a fight between dogs, so I was scared of dogs. “There may be a fight between dogs here, and the woman may be screaming to pull the dog away,” she told her, and her daughter came out.“She remembered. Her 11-year-old daughter joined her on the terrace during a TV commercial break because both were watching a movie.”I don’t hear anything at first, but it starts after 2 or 5 minutes“, She explained first. Testimony consistent with her mother’s testimony.”Ask me if there was a scream when I went out, I answer no to you, I’m sure. Mom was walking down the aisle when I came out.When I left, she was in front of the door, then we heard the noise and went forward“She assured. On her side, the girl also showed that she heard a woman scream.”After that, a high-pitched voice came out, and I don’t know if it was a man or a woman, but it was a high-pitched voice. She was screaming, it was a cry of horror.It was a cry, it wasn’t a word.. In fact, it lasted until the dog stopped barking, and then stopped.“She concludes. To be on the safe side, Delphine and C├ędric Jubilar have two dogs, two Shar-Pei, a 10-year-old man and a young woman.

Delphine Jubillar: Did these screams belong to young women?

In each audition, the mother and daughter are official and “The woman cries, I’m absolutely sure“, They said. On her side, the mother said she was”I was surprised because I had no words and just cried.Cry of horror, and what I want to do is that it’s really the term I use, we really felt this woman was afraid“, She continued before adding:”There were no arrests and no interjections. There were no words. I make sure you didn’t stop screaming for 5 or 10 minutes, it was continuous.I don’t remember downtime“She remembered, in her words, these could only come from outside the house, because she guarantees they are.”Muffled“If she doesn’t want to act or call the police, it’s mostly because she just says”This woman is a fighting dog who didn’t know what to do. She didn’t have the courage to go see it.She was afraid to be a dog and afraid to be bitten“, She said before confirming:”I felt a lot of guilt“Did she hear the last moments of Delphine Jubiler’s life? To remind her, Cedric Jubiler said,”Intentional spouse murder“Since he was imprisoned in Toulouse-Says Prison in June 2012, he has continued to declare innocence. He remains. Accusations against him and his wife are estimated to be innocent to this day.


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