Dembele, Lukaku, Real Madrid: 5 transfer window information missed on Wednesday

Dembele wants to stay in Barcelona …

“”The mystery of Dembele“In one of. Sports This Wednesday, Ousmane Dembele is still making a lot of noise in Barcelona. According to Spanish media, French International says at the end of the contract he is happy in the changing room and still declares his desire to stay in Barcelona. “”But the club does not offer him any moreChain Sports.. If he wants to stay, his aides will now have to take the first step.“”

  • Our opinion : Dembele, who whistled to his supporters, must resolve his proceedings promptly. Barca probably won’t work harder for him.

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6 Mercato Information Missed on Tuesday

4:31 pm yesterday

Henry doesn’t understand Lukaku’s transfer

This is a case that can quickly become a nuisance to Chelsea. On the bench again on Tuesday, Romelu Lukaku is still struggling on the side of Bruce against LOSC. It especially asks Thierry Henry. “”I will be honest with you, I don’t know what it will be in 90 minutes. But what is the solution? He needs to find one to make sure he can adapt to the way they play. They like to press, get active and change the top three. He likes to stay on the axis, so it’s very difficult for him to adapt to this situation. It takes time for Rom to adapt to Chelsea’s way of playing. It’s not easy. But again, why go looking for it?“Who wondered in a comment broadcast by Footmercato, a CBS channel consultant.

  • Our opinion : “Big Rom” must be biting their fingers to leave Intel. And Chelsea spent € 115 million …
Did Romelu Lukaku lose to Chelsea?

AC Milan interested in Equitike

He is a new League One player who may land in AC Milan next summer. Milan will also target Hugo Equitike, while Yacine Adli will join the Lombard Club, with Sven Botman and Renato Sanches (LOSC) being the two hot leads. However, Stade de Reims’ center forward will be very polite in the transfer window, along with a PSG that is not insensitive to his profile. “”Milan spends more than 75 million euros last summer“, announcement Gazzetta dello sports..

  • Our opinion : The Milanese Club has been enjoying playing in League One for several years now. Therefore, we believe in this possibility.

Hugo Equitike scored the first goal of Reims vs. Bordeaux in League One on February 6, 2022.

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From Luis Alberto to Sevilla FC?

Luis Alberto was able to pack his bag next summer, especially in the heart of a difficult season with Lazio, especially due to his turbulent relationship with Maurizio Sarri.according to Gazzetta dello sportsSevilla FC, who have already tried to hire him in the past, will be a reliable option. “”The player wants to return to Spain. Departure is his priority.“, Specifies every day. This announces that everything depends on the end of the Club of Rome season.

  • Our opinion : If Lazio disqualifies in Europe, Luis Alberto could probably stay. But this season will probably leave a mark.

Luis Alberto in Lazio-Fiorentina-Serie A 2021-22

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Sevalos will look closely at himself at Betis

According to the information from Padlock Ser, Dani Ceballos will have to leave Real Madrid at the end of the season. He was injured in Spain at the Olympics last summer and returned to the field last December. Former Arsenal midfielder, rather than Carlo Ancelotti’s plan, will see him return to Betis Seville during the next summer’s transfer. His contract expires in one year.

  • Our opinion : Sevalos will probably leave Real Madrid, especially if Ancelotti stays in his post.

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February 21, 2022 4:54 pm

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