“Denying the existence of crimes against humanity is the most insidious form of instigating hatred,” accuses lawyers.

Six anti-homosexual groups have complained about the denial of “the deportation of homosexuals to France by’sexual orientation'” by Eric Zemmour, who described it as a “legend” during World War II. increase.

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Six Anti-Homosexual Disgust Associations have filed a complaint against candidate Reconquête on Wednesday, March 23! Eric Zemmour “fought for crimes against humanity” in the presidential election. Complaints by Inter-LGBT, Stop Homophobia, SOS Homophobia, Mousse, Adheos, and Quazar are based on text taken from Eric Zemmour’s book. France does not say the last word. In this work, the controversialists claim: “Deportation of homosexuals to France for their” sexual orientation “, As we say today, it’s a “legend.”.. “Denying the existence of crimes against humanity is the most insidious form of incitement to hatred.” I blame MeÉtienne Deshoulières of France Amfo, a lawyer representing the association.He judges “unacceptable” d“Use history to challenge proven historical facts and call for hatred of homosexual groups.”

“To deny the historical reality of violence committed against homosexuals is to deny the reality of violence committed today.”

MeEtienne Deshoulières

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Lawyers believe this is in detaining victims of these acts “Like a liar” When “This liar homosexual accusation constitutes a call for hatred.”

Eric Zemmour’s lawyer, Me Olivier Pardo, said this “Anxiety during the presidential election”. “Selecting a date [du dépôt de plainte] It was not a coincidence that this book was published in September, but a choice that demonstrates the desire to instrument justice. “He adds.

Lawyers representing the Anti-Homosexuality Association deny these accusations. MeÉtienne Deshoulières, on the contrary, he “There is no special desire to interfere with political movements.“. The complaint was prepared in “6 months”, By geographers and historians, as well as LGBT activists.These have come off “All Historical Archives on the Issue of Deportation of Homosexuals in France”..In particular, they made “The meticulous work that counts per person to establish the reality of this deportation.”

By saying these words, “Eric Zemmour inherits the words of Christian Vanneste” When “Therefore, we deny the reality of this historical fact.”According to the complaint that franceinfo was able to consult.Based on historical research, in their complaints, the association points out: “Deportation of homosexuals during World War II is an established historical reality.”What happened “Subject to approval by France in 1995”. Therefore, they blame Eric Zemmour for having “Clearly conscience and willingness to hire” Such remarks “This is of the nature of Holocaust denial.”