Description. How would you describe the turbulent season of the stand? What lessons can we learn from this?Round table meeting between supporter actors

On the pitch, we just witnessed an extraordinary championship. Spectacles, playful teams, suspense of all levels … all the ingredients are gathered for a great season. Unfortunately, this didn’t apply to the stand. A series of cases related to supporters are remembered, and the fiscal year 2021 to 2022 is remembered.

To get this year’s inventory France Information: Sports Gathered several actors close to the world of the stand: Kilian Valentin, spokesman for the National Association of Supporters (ANS), Maître Pierre Barthélémy, lawyer for ANS, Jacques Cardoze, OM Communication Director, Sacha Houlié, MP for Vienne Seine-Saint-Denis Former Sports Minister Marie Georges Buffet at MP is the author of an information report on French supportism in 2020. If everyone agrees to discuss this turbulent season and what surprised them with the “bitter” taste it leaves, each has its own analysis of the problem. Round table.

Analysis of multiple overflows

Marie Georges Buffet (former Minister of Sports)). : “Me Think of sports simply as crossing social excesses: irritation, violence, and the resurgence of the rise of far-right dissertations in our country.
Pierre Barthelemy (National Supporters Association Lawyer) : “We talked a lot with sociologists who are experts on this subject. They came to the conclusion that the stand is not a representative of society, although there is social diversity. , There is no symmetry of living social tensions. Public debate. “
Killian Valentin (National Supporters Association Spokesperson): “The excitement of returning to the stand definitely played a role. Another point is the entire organizational system surrounding football games that need to be readjusted. The minister mentioned Steward, but this issue is still resolved today. Not always the center of training and rewards for stewards who have this problem.
Jacques Cardoze (OM Communication Director): “It doesn’t matter. Stewards are doing their job well. There is no direct cause-effect relationship. On the other hand, they are too few, yes. Paying them better is better employment and more. This will enable good coaching The profession that is essential to the mechanics of today’s game is not well-received. “

Institutional management

Sacha Houlié (Vienne’s MP): “I didn’t have enough expectations for match management, DNLH. [Direction nationale de lutte contre le hooliganisme] If absent, the governor did not organize a meeting with his supporters. However, it works well if you gather supporters, reference supporters, clubs and public institutions before the match. But this year, INS is completely overshadowed. However, it is an ideal advisory body as it brings together all stakeholders. ”
Killian Valentin (ANS spokesperson) : “”It’s a matter of interest and knowledge of the Ministry of Sports. “
Marie Georges Buffet (former Minister of Sports)). : “During this time, there was no political will to take care of sports. There was no sport in the presidential election. Today, when you are the Minister of Sports, you go out for a walk to the presidential office. It is a mistake, because sports are a very strong vector in society. Disregarding violence, racial discrimination and discrimination in sports leads to the same facts in other societies. “

Promise to personalize sanctions

Pierre Barthelemy (ANS lawyer) : “”When the government talks about this in December, it’s sincere. At that time, he engaged in dialogue between LFP and those who followed these subjects. Then he realized that the collective measures did not improve anything. However, the topic was shelved as soon as the incident stopped.

“Roxana Malacineanu considered this subject to be completely accidental. She was completely improvised on this subject.”

Pierre Barthelemy, Attorney for the National Association of Supporters

at franceinfo: Sports

Killian Valentin (ANS spokesperson) : “”The sports law was nifty, except for the fireworks framework. It shows the ignorance and fact that there was no human and interesting investment on the part of the Ministry of Sports in the activities of INS. They took nothing from the 2020 Congress report! “
Sacha Houlié (Vienne’s MP): “VSIn particular, too many travel bans can lead to incomprehension and tension among supporters. Abuse group sanctions are a frustrating machine. As the past seasons have shown, public agencies are obliged to provide another response, but today’s response is unsatisfactory.
Pierre Barthelemy (ANS lawyer) : “”When the work of dialogue recedes, it is replaced by a free attitude and an explosion of statutes. Everything that is safe will be an automatic response. “

What is the impact on your fans?

Killian Valentin (ANS spokesperson) : “”The season has hurt the image of supporters, we are again football paria. I heard that the stand needs to be “cleaned up”. It’s a strong word I haven’t heard since 2010. ”
Marie Georges Buffet (former Minister of Sports)). : “All these incidents, and the words are weak, show football and its supporters through these explosions. Due to all of these, the image of football can be spoiled very quickly, in the attachment. It’s no coincidence to point out the decline of football of the French to this sport.
Sacha Houlié (Vienne’s MP): “”The February Sports Act also introduced a new tool of repression: a fixed fine of € 500 for the use of smoke grenades in the stadium. I don’t support it. Because this fine adds a tool of repression, we are on track with the legalization of smoke bombs.
Marie Georges Buffet (former Minister of Sports)). : “It’s an additional sanction that I don’t really understand the point.”
Jacques Cardoze (OM Communication Director): “”I think we know how to do it in France. I think we saw it in Feyenoord with a fan zone. After this crazy post-season, I would agree to rank the higher risk games. Authorities can help us more in these cases. It was an incident against Feyenoord. A larger seal is needed between the supporters of the opposition and the supporters at home. ”

Ultras involvement in the club

Pierre Barthelemy (ANS lawyer) : “”You have to keep that in mind. In fact, it is nothing more than a request for dialogue. And once it is established, we will move forward through the referents of our supporters. The problem is that some columnists have been worried that fans want more power. But just because fans criticize it doesn’t mean they want to be a sporting director or president. “
Sacha Houlié (Vienne’s MP): “”Supporters are part of the club’s capital, we wrote it in a parliamentary report. They have legitimacy and represent something in their peculiarities. However, not everyone is waiting for participation. “

“The Ultra Group doesn’t claim more power, it just wants to hear their words so that their concerns aren’t forgotten. To blame the leader’s attitude calls for more power. No. C warns. “

Kirian Valentin, spokesman for the National Supporters Association

at franceinfo: Sports

Marie Georges Buffet (former Minister of Sports)). : “Like the Red Star now, we’ll completely change ownership overnight. I think we’re mobilizing supporters because we don’t know the future project, the motivation of the buyer, or the purpose.”
Jacques Cardoze (OM Communication Director): “”Supporters are very present in Marseille, which is an integral part of the club. We have little obligation to involve them in many decisions, especially in managing the match. We have a duty of transparency to those who endanger clubs, teams and sports. With the thirteenth man we can be very high and the hostility of the stadium to us can make us very low. “

Future trends

Killian Valentin (ANS spokesperson) : “”The new minister arrives in a situation where everyone is waiting to discuss. Everything is available and the tools are in place. ”
Sacha Houlié (Vienne’s MP): “”And on the civil society side, there is a face to embody this movement. On the political side, they now know who works. That’s important. The seeds were sown. “
Marie Georges Buffet (former Minister of Sports)). : “”What I’m more worried about is the return of the fascist sign to the stadium. There, we need to hear more from the club president and state officials. A group of supporters who don’t want to get involved in all of this needs to speak. ANS too. Today we are responding urgently, so that’s all wrong. Beyond legal sanctions, we need to act as football supporters and create working conditions with a group of supporters who want to hold them accountable. To alienate racist and discriminatory individuals, we must work with others. “
Sacha Houlié (Vienne’s MP): “”The INS and preparatory meetings must win after the match throughout the season that was not seen this season.