Despite the talks, Vladimir Putin blames the West and closes his airspace

Did you miss the latest events about the war that Vladimir Putin started in Ukraine? Don’t panic 20 minutes Stock is taken every night at 7:30 pm. Who did what? Who said what? Where am I ? The following answer:

News of the day

Russian and Ukrainian delegations arrived on the border between Belarus and Ukraine on Monday morning and began negotiations on the fifth day of the invasion of Ukraine. These first talks will take place when Russia’s attack, launched on Thursday, confronts strong resistance from Ukrainian troops and unprecedented sanctions adopted by the West are shaking the Russian economy.

The President of Ukraine demands “immediate suspension and withdrawal of (Russian) troops from Ukrainian territory” at these talks held at one of the residences of President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus on the border between Ukraine and Belarus. did.

Today’s text

Lie empire

Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the Western Roman Empire’s “lie empire” on Monday for the brutal sanctions imposed on Russia by the invasion of Ukraine.

“I invited you here to talk about economic and financial issues,” said Vladimir Putin, according to an image broadcast on television at a conference attended by Prime Minister Mikhail Michostin. I’ve already mentioned this subject (in Michoustine), but it means these sanctions that the Western community wants to impose on us, which I call a false empire. Kremlin’s leaders have welcomed Treasury Minister Anton Siluanov, Herman Gref, and Central Bank President Elvira Nabiullina, Chief Executive Officer of Sberbank, the country’s leading bank.

Number of days

36. Russia announced on Monday that it would limit airline flights from 36 countries in response to the closure of airspace in many countries by Russian planes after Moscow invaded Ukraine.

“Restrictions on aircraft carriers from 36 states have been introduced in response to European states that ban the flight of civilian aircraft operated and / or registered in Russia by Russian aircraft carriers,” officials said in a statement. Said in.

Trend of the day

Russian and Ukrainian delegations left the Belarusian negotiation table and returned for “consultations in their respective capitals” at the end of Monday’s day. At the end of this roundtable, they agreed to a “second round” consultation.

“The parties have established a set of priorities and themes that require specific decisions,” declared Mikhaïlo Podoliak, one of the Ukrainian negotiators, prior to the second round of talks. According to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Medinsky, this new conference will be held “immediately” on the border between Poland and Belarus. The true will to reach a ceasefire? Zelensky’s trap? In the next few days we may be able to learn more about Russia’s true intentions.