Detailed program and ticket office

Tony Estanger, chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, will be held in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) on April 13, 2022.

Two years before the start of the Olympic Games (OG) Paris 2024, the organizers detailed the program and tickets for this edition, which was placed under the opening sign on Monday, July 25th.The Organizing Committee (COJO) also announced the slogan of the event at the end.1 minute 30 seconds short video : “Let’s open the game wide!” »»

The slogan is synonymous with inclusion for people with disabilities, openness to the territory – “From Versailles to Saint-Denis”, Some events will be held.According to the Organizing Committee, in common with the Olympics and Paralympics, it marks “The boldness, creativity and avant-garde spirit that make up the French identity”..

The motto of the Latin Olympics citius, altius, fortius – “Faster, higher, stronger” – Each host city chooses its own slogan that accompanies the edition. “‘Let’s open the game wide’, that’s ultimately our goal from day one. It’s this ambition to think about all the markers in the opening.”OCOG boss Tony Estange explained after meeting with government and republican president Emmanuel Macron.

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First joint olympic games

In addition to this motto, OCOG details the programs for these games, the opening ceremony of which will take place on July 26, 2024.Organizer has hope “To work on a better balance of men’s and women’s events”Michaelël Aloïsio, a spokesman for Paris 2024, claimed.

“The 2024 Paris Olympics will be the first joint Olympics.”He remembered before announcing it, “Don’t install the idea that women’s events start men’s events”The Women’s Marathon will complete its athletics program for the first time since its integration into the 1984 Olympic Games, following the Men’s Event.

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In this spirit, the finals of the women’s basketball Olympic Games will be held after the basketball players’ finals on the final day of the tournament, and some events in women’s basketball, table tennis, canoeing and athletics will be prime sessions. time.

“No OJ tax”

Almost 12 ministers participated in the oral presentation of the Olympic Games in Elysee for more than two hours. Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne, Minister of Economy Bruno Le Mer, Minister of Interior Gerald Dalmanin, National Education Pap Ndiaye, and Minister of Sport Amelie Udea Castella also announced the agenda for the Olympics. ..

Emmanuel Macron emphasized in an interview about the budget for the event, where many concerns have materialized in recent months, especially due to inflation caused by the conflict in Ukraine. team, “There is a solution to meet them and there is no drift in our cost”.. “In this context, I reaffirmed a simple principle. There are no Olympic taxes. The game needs to fund the game.”He insisted.

“The debate between the International Olympic Committee and the OCOG has already been for several weeks in an attempt to identify ways to save money, with its budget (4 billion euros) almost entirely funded by private income. It started before »».

Organizers whose budgets are guaranteed by the state have to withstand the inflation shock and are reviewing their budgets this year.

13 million tickets offered since February 2023

Ticketing is of utmost importance in terms of expected income. price list, “Maximum number accessible”According to Estanger, it was also on the OCOG agenda. “It’s really ambitious that 50% of Olympic tickets, 50% of Paralympic tickets are less than 50 euros and 8% of tickets are more than 200 euros. (…) Full stadium. »» Michaël Aloïsio also announced: “Tickets start for all sports[aient] For 24 euros, the total number of tickets at this price is 1 million. “..

According to the organizer’s website, a total of 10 million tickets will be sold at the Olympic Games and about 3.4 million tickets at the Paralympics in Paris. The “Popular ticket office” It is also intended that the President of the Republic mentioned “To people with disabilities, their caregivers, and state and community officials who support these games, especially categories B and C.”Said the head of state.

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Finally, regarding the ticketing system, Olympic sports enthusiasts will need to enroll in the draw in December 2022, after which in February 2023 it will be available in packs of three events or sessions. May.

“People can make packs by drawing. Some people need some table tennis sessions, others want to be in Marseille and watch sailing and football …”Mr. Arroiso explained.

The President of the Republic also teamWhich state “Going to buy 400,000 tickets” When “He distributes it to young people and school children, especially children under the age of 16.”Not only – “Volunteers contributing to French competitions and sports”..

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