Didier Deschamps reveals his four truths about the careful management of the Olivier Giroud case

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The French team will be back in school soon. At Orange Velodrome on March 25th and Stade Pierre Mauroi four days later, Bruce heads to Côte d’Ivoire and South Africa, respectively. Two friendly matches that already have the look of a dress rehearsal before going to defend the World Champion title in Qatar at the end of the year. An important deadline for Karim Benzema (34), who was confiscated because he was injured in his left calf, shining in a Real Madrid jersey. To make up for his absence, Didier Deschamps has decided to recall Olivier Giroud, who has been absent since the last euro. At a press conference on Monday, Bruce’s coach also returned to his choice to re-summon AC Milan’s current scorer, specifying not to book certain treatments for Bruce’s former striker.

“The most important thing for me is to maintain the line of action, to be consistent and to be fair in terms of discourse with the player. That is the case. Olivier (Giroud) participates, he is more or less. Need less or less, he was part of this successful team, it was also without him, he is a player who remains selectable, he is part of this 23 list, it’s Karim’s injury Related to, but don’t ask about the future. He’s part of a group he knows well, and even very well. I’m more than anyone else with him. I’m not going to pay attention. “, He made a concession first. Deschamps, who was reopened on this matter, revealed that this wonderful comeback was not a direct result of Karim Benzema’s absence, or that the fate of at least two French scorers was not closely related. .. No, for a former OM coach, it’s a status issue.

Olivier Giroud is no longer in the same status as Didier Deschamps!

“It’s not a relationship between the two, it’s competition, not Karim Benzema, not Olivier, and from history, when a player has a status he deserves if he doesn’t always have it. This status is even more advanced than that, it’s very difficult to live with, it’s impossible, it’s not unique to Olivier, there were others before, it’s human and together It’s hard to live, it’s become something for him, he deserves it, but then it’s hard to live with if you lose this status. “.. For those who scored 46 goals in 110 selections, Deschamps finally hesitated to summon him, as he had been in an important position for many years, making it difficult to manage. The point claimed by the latter.

“He had status. He had it for many years, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have it anymore. Use and play regardless of Karim, Killian, X, Y. It has to do with time, not with others, but with choices in aggressive planning. He allowed the French team to do very well. Summon him to the bench What if I could leave it in? Yes, but I think it’s very difficult for a player who had stats through experience, through human experience, to reduce it. That’s what I think. It’s psychologically difficult. Imagine. You have a status in the box and instead of playing a game on Sunday night, you play a game that no one is watching. Time (laughs). Masu? (Laughs) It’s more impressive. “..Finally, I guarantee his return will not change “His plan in the field”Didier Deschamps finally hinted that Olivier Giroud’s recent absence could be justified by his desire to maintain his ego.