Dimitri Payet before OM-Nice: “Much Worth Match at the End of the Season”

“Would you like to take revenge on Nice following the first leg of August 2021 or the defeat at the Coupe de France in early February?
The purpose is clear. Win this match to establish this second place and keep some distance from your direct opponents. We talked and discussed what happened in the first leg. There is no point in going back to it. It’s possible to get more revenge by challenging this quarter-final, which was defeated at the Coupe de France, than at the start of the season.

After losing to Clermon on February 20th (0-2), you had a strong word about “shrinking head”. What did you want to say at that time? Did this solve the problem?
I’m not sure if this solved the problem. In any case, it feels like I felt in this match. It wasn’t us, it wasn’t our values, it wasn’t the usual material for the match. Things I haven’t seen since the beginning of the season. It’s time to hit the table. Everything I said, including myself, wasn’t a criticism of my partner, but a feeling of being heard at the right time.

There was controversy.The first half of the match against Monaco was one of the best of the season, but in the end it lost. (March 6 0-1).. He did well against Basel in Brest. Looking at Alec’s performance levels over the last few weeks, all players have improved. (Milik) Now … some questions no longer occur.

The stadium will be full and the atmosphere will be hot. Do you have a special message for OM supporters?
I said it for months and months and have fought for it. I talked with a group of supporters who knew it.tomorrow (Sunday), It will be a beautiful soccer poster. The second to welcome the third. As I’ve seen certain matches end this season, I couldn’t imagine it ending. Behind all the penalties we can experience. Like us, we have more supporters this season.

The classics went very well and there was a hot match in Velodrome.In the last match against Monaco (March 6), Even if they were unhappy, they let us know it without violence. I received a message.tomorrow (Sunday), They play the role of the twelfth man, as they have been since the start of the season.We can count on them so that this day will come tomorrow (Sunday) Have a great football day with a great victory at the end.

How does this lovely team bother you?
It’s a team of Gartier Sauce and knows how to defend very well and punish you with very fast transitions when you lose a small amount of the ball. During the cup match, we lost the ball and scored two or three goals in this kind of situation and suffered a lot from this. They knew how to take advantage of it. It is our responsibility to use the ball more efficiently, risk it, score quickly and try to get it out.

“If you don’t have a piet holder and you say you’ll win the remaining 10 games, you want to sit on the bench.”

This cup match seems to be stuck in your throat …
We started this match well, we really wanted to win it, it opened the door for us for the rest of the competition. But the errors we identified committed them and were punished. It took a long time to digest this defeat. It took us to a more complex spiritual spiral. Not today. It’s a championship. It’s a game worth a lot at the end of the season.

Can a victory over Nice condition the end of the season? Would you like to give another joker at the end of the season?
Of course, it’s a special game.We are tied to the point (50), We are clearly starting the last sprint 10 days after the end. Given each calendar, I don’t think it will condition the end of the season, but that doesn’t guarantee us a runner-up. But it will give confidence to the future and to the Europa League.

OM won twice without you in Brest and Basel. Here are some eternal questions that come up in the mouth. “Isn’t OM better without Dimitri Paiette?” Does it entertain you or annoy you?
To be honest, it doesn’t bother me, I know the song. If you don’t have a piet owner and you’re told you’ll win the remaining 10 championship matches, it’s okay to sit on the bench. And I didn’t give up and fought to regain my place. Paiette wasn’t there, but Amine Harit, who doesn’t play much, was very good at Brest.Steve (Mandanda) It was very good to have a double confrontation with Basel. Rather, we need to emphasize the strength of the group. »»