Directly.President: Jean Castex discusses Ukrainian conflict with candidates


  • Forty-one days before the first round of the presidential election, the presidential election continues to confuse France’s political agenda.
  • The prime minister will welcome a candidate who has already gathered more than 300 sponsors this Monday at 3:00 pm. Natalie Artaud has informed her that she will not participate.
  • The meeting is held because the head of state has not yet formalized his candidacy, hindered by the president’s obligations.
  • This Monday morning, Christiane Taubila’s aides announced that a candidate invested by a popular primary will devote her week to collecting sponsorship.
  • Future candidate Macron’s campaign team has announced that the head of state will not hold a meeting in Marseille next weekend, as originally planned.


Roussel proposes a national conference on grain prices

Monday’s candidate at the Agricultural Show condemns the “dangerous” Vladimir Putin he needs in the face of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and to ensure “price safety” in the grain sector. Asked for a “national conference” on. “Isolated”.

“Farmers are currently under threat of sharp rises in prices, energy and grain, so there is great concern on the part of farmers,” he continues. It increases the cost of breeding, milk production, and the production of daily foods such as pasta, bread and pancakes.


Mayor of Kyiv thanks Anne Hidalgo

In a tweet published in French, Mayor Kyiv Vitali Klitschko thanked his counterpart of Paris Anne Hidalgo for illuminating the city hall in Ukrainian colors. “Thanks to Anne Hidalgo for this initiative to show the solidarity of Kyiv and Parisians with the whole of Ukraine in the fight against the Russian invaders! »»


Emmanuel Macron’s first campaign meeting has been cancelled

The future candidate’s campaign team told AFP that the president-elect will not hold a meeting in Marseille this weekend, confirming information from RTL. This Monday morning, Le Parisien has already announced that, given the order of the events, Marseille’s massive rout is more than jeopardized.


The meeting got off to a good start in Matignon

The main candidates took their place alongside Jean Castex to evaluate the war in Ukraine. Jean Lassalle and Jean Luc Melenchon are absent.


Natalie Artaud: “All refugees must be allowed to cross the border.”

Candidate Lutte Ouvrière, who decided not to move to Matignon, defended himself by claiming on BFMTV that all refugees could cross the European Union border.


Hidalgo demands freezing energy prices

Socialist candidates traveling to the Agricultural Show are in favor of blocking energy prices, which are likely to rise very sharply due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. “There are expectations for the development of these prices, especially energy, by accurately blocking these prices so that our fellow citizens, and of course the farmers, can cross the cape of this war. It’s an urgent task. The moment is rather a sign of lasting. “


Emmanuel Macron needs to create a specific account on social networks for the campaign

The National Commission for the Administration of Campaigns for the Presidential Election (CNCCEP) released its opinion on Monday, reviewing the rules in force regarding the use of public resources during the election, especially with respect to social networks. “It’s important that candidate accounts on social networks aren’t used in a way that leads to the exercise of public functions that are confused with campaign-related promotions,” she said. This is especially aimed at Emmanuel Macron, who has been in contact since the beginning of his political announcement mission.


The latest IPCC report warns candidates

The latest IPCC report is out and the findings are terrible. The world is “unprepared” for climate change and needs to be prepared for immediate and drastic action. “We have to act now,” commented Yannick Yadot, broadcasting a video from Greenpeace. For Jean-Luc Melenchon, “Harmony between humans and nature is the key to peace.”


Meeting in Matignon starts in less than an hour

It is not yet known if Jean-Luc Melenchon will join when he first wanted to be represented by Bastian Lashaw. A scenario rejected by Matignon.


Pecresse defends “Farm France”

Candidate LR sought to marry national and international subjects at the Agricultural Show by defending the country’s necessary food sovereignty.


Does War Affect Polls?

A colleague from Les Echos has released the latest Opinion Way-Kéa Partners barometer. At this stage, it’s difficult to make a big impact on the candidates … probably the lowest level since the beginning of the month, except for Eric Zemmour, who lost points to 13% of his voting intentions.


Anne Hidalgo, Third Candidate for Agricultural Show

Socialist candidates have also emerged in the position of breeders and peasants. She promises to “guarantee our food sovereignty while supporting the new generation and ensuring decent rewards for our farmers.”


For Fabien Roussel, Putin is the “Paria of Mankind”

The Communist Party candidate returned to the war in Ukraine as a bystander at the Agricultural Show on Monday. “Putin is becoming an exile of humanity. We need to make him understand that not everything is going as he had imagined,” he said.


Taubila focuses on sponsorship

AFP learned Monday that the candidate who is having the most difficulty in getting a ticket to the presidential election will cancel all scheduled trips this week. To date, only 128 sponsorships have been verified by the Constitutional Council. However, the Popular Primary team guarantees that the former Minister will participate in the live broadcast on Tweetetch this Monday between 8 pm and 9 pm.


Sponsorship galley is not new

Some candidates, like other candidates in the last election, are struggling to reach the criteria needed to run for this year’s presidential election. Cell phone numbers reported on Twitter, hunger strikes … In the past, these politicians tried everything in vain. Le Parisien tells these stories in this article.


“For now, Macron is on coal.”

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin returned to his next candidacy for the President of the Republic this Monday morning. “To declare his candidacy, Emmanuel Macron chooses his timing. Currently he is using coal and is playing that role and is doing very well,” he explained. ..


Melenchon will not be able to participate in Matignon

According to our information, Jean-Luc Melenchon will not be able to represent Matignon this Monday afternoon. “I can’t act as an agent” and “only direct candidates” can participate.


Tight schedule for Macron

The President of the Republic must inevitably declare himself a candidate this week. In what form? This is one of the big problems that continues to occur. This is inevitably after the debate that began tomorrow in Parliament and the Senate on the war in Ukraine. After that, the window will open for 3 days.


Yannick Jadot postpones press conference

At this point, his aides have informed in a Whatsapp loop that the candidate is supposed to talk about the release of the IPCC report at 4 pm this Monday. It will finally be held at 5:30 pm.


Jadot demands transparency in the delivery of weapons to Ukraine

The environmentalist candidate is one of the first to sue Ukraine’s offensive weapons. “I think French men and women have the right to know what kind of defense weapons we are sending to Ukraine,” is estimated by Franceinfo’s Environmental MEP. Asked by the French government for no details on the matter, he replied, “Ask the Prime Minister.”


Dupon-Aignan on the situation in Ukraine

At the French Inter, candidates said that the delivery of weapons to Ukraine by the European Union is not a “sign of power” but “a meaningless clearing of our conscience, transforming turmoil in addition to turmoil. That is (in conflict) Ukraine has entered a civil war “, judge, president of Deboutla République, candidate for presidential election. “If Europeans want to be consistent, send soldiers. They will last for two days. And to support it,” The only solution is Ukrainian neutral, Russian troops. A diplomatic solution to withdraw and pass through the autonomy of Donbus. »»


DuPont-Aignan is confident in his sponsorship

Candidate Sovereign told the French Inter that he hopes to pass the 500 signature mark tomorrow or Thursday. He has got 457 so far.


Hubert Vedrin considers Eric Zemmour’s proposal “ridiculous”

The former minister responded to Le Monde’s colleagues in response to the far-right candidate’s proposal to appoint him as a French envoy to Kyiv and Moscow. “It’s ridiculous,” he comments. Macron did everything he could. Only former Prime Minister Schrader, UN Secretary-General, Chinese and Israeli Prime Ministers can intervene in Putin, not French. »»


To know everything about the situation in Ukraine

Le Parisien also hosted a live broadcast on the Ukrainian conflict, and an exchange between Russian and Ukrainian representatives is planned today in Belarus. Click this link to access it.


Fabien Roussel also participates in the Agricultural Show

The Communist Party candidate details his program and defends the creation of a € 10 billion fund for the school cafeteria, especially to prioritize the local sector.