Directly.President: Zemur blames Ukraine’s “obscene border” and blames Bruno Le Mer


  • D-3. Candidates are approaching home stretch in their quest for sponsorship, which ends on Friday.
  • To exceed the 500 signature threshold, Christiane Taubila has decided to cancel all trips this week to concentrate on this harvest.
  • The war in Ukraine continues to confuse the presidential election. The unvoted debate will take place in Congress this Tuesday afternoon. Intervention by Jean-Luc Melenchon and Fabien Roussel is especially expected.
  • D-3 is also for Emmanuel Macron, who continues to seek the right opportunity to declare himself a candidate. His campaign team said on Monday that candidates would not hold a rally in Marseille this weekend.


Has Nicolas Dupont-Aignan been robbed of the interview?

“I proposed a project to the French. An accurate and quantified project. I’m one of the few, but I’m not talking about anything. They are special in Ukraine all day long. Cancels my show! “, This Tuesday morning, I stood up at CNews to protest the French party candidate. Elected officials said,” If the French can’t argue, “the future president’s legitimacy. I wonder who the sex is.


Payan often sponsored Taubila

Mayor Marseille confirmed to Lemond that the popular primary actually brought his sponsorship to the invested candidates. “My form was left a few days ago. I promised it, I did it, he explains. I’m not entirely sure, but I hope it helps.» »»


Fabien Roussel will speak at Parliament at 4:30 pm

Jean-Luc Melenchon is not the only presidential candidate to speak in parliament this Tuesday afternoon. Fabien Roussel speaks at 4:30 pm in front of a rebellious opponent.


Hide this shot that Marine Le Pen can’t see

A colleague at Liberation talks about a leaflet that has been printed in nearly 1.2 million copies and distributed since it hit the market. An eight-page flyer with 2017 photos showing candidates with Russian President Vladimir Putin. A photo that hasn’t been expected since the war broke out in Russia. Officially, his withdrawal is by no means a national initiative, but a guarantee of the party.


Impact of the “Ukrainian War” on voting intent?

In the first round of the presidential election, the head of state remains at the top (25%), with Marine Le Pen at 17%, Eric Zemmour at 14%, and Jean-Luc Melenchon (12.5%). It exceeds Valerie Pécrès (12.5%). 12%), according to the Elabe poll released on Tuesday. According to Ifop’s daily rolling released Monday evening, Emmanuel Macron has gained 2 points from Friday to 28% of his voting intentions. His three competitors on the right retreat.


Insufficient time to register for voting

If you want to be able to vote, but you’re not already on the voter list, it’s not too late. Registration will not be possible from tomorrow, so it will be a few hours before the “turn” is reached. Several options are available: fill out the online form (click this link to access), mail the address, identity, correct cerfa form (click this link to access), or city. Submit the same documents to the government building.


The Zemur party that was the subject of complaints from the Orne department

The information was largely overlooked nationwide. Christophe de Balorre, chairman of the Orne Departmental Council, has filed a complaint against a party created by controversialists on Sunday, February 20, for a barbaric exhibition as part of the campaign.


Pate Riots vote for Zemur

The results of discussions with Patriots, a party founded by Florian Philippot, have just been published.

  1. Eric Zemmour: 40.46% (5238 votes)
  2. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan: 28.65% (3708 votes)
  3. None: 15.81% (2,047 votes)
  4. Marine Le Pen: 6.57% (850 votes)
  5. Jean Lassalle: 4.63% (599 votes)
  6. Jean-Luc Melenchon: 3.17% (410 votes)
  7. Fabien Roussel: 0.35% (45 votes)
  8. Natalie Artaud: 0.18% (23 votes)
  9. Yannick Jadot: 0.08% (11 votes)
  10. Valerie Pécrès: 0.04% (5 votes)
  11. Anne Hidalgo: 0.04% (5 votes)
  12. Emmanuel Macron: 0.02% (3 votes)


Promise to Castex Candidates

At the end of the conference on Ukraine in front of key candidates, government spokesman Gabriel Attal assured that the head of government had promised to ensure that the campaign was as successful as possible. According to information from Le Monde, Jean Castex told the candidate: “We will do everything we can to make the campaign as successful as possible. The government will do everything in its power.” His aides said on Tuesday, “The current situation is purchasing power, Europe, It does not prevent us from talking about all the themes that French people are interested in, such as energy and sovereignty. “


Valerie Pécrès completes a wonderful oral with mutuality

Candidates can create a general practitioner’s “junior doctor” status by distributing health care issues in the community and imposing an additional year of research on the general practitioner in an idle area. We propose to put an end to the medical desert.


Call for mobilization of Anne Hidalgo

The Socialist Party candidate spoke last night at an extraordinary national office meeting via video conference. “The moment of suspicion is over,” she launched, before asserting that PS is “these values ​​on the left, the political forces that carry this history.” We should be proud to wear them. ”


Fabien Roussel will perform the show

Communist Party candidates promise to nationalize Sanofi in front of commensals. Yellow laughter, no doubt. “They pay dividends and lay off, but find nothing. They lose candidates.


The parade continues at Mutualité

Communist candidate Fabien Roussel blamed the rise of major pharmaceutical companies during the health crisis and defended the ideas of the public poles of France and Europe.


Bruno Le Mer Torpedo Zemur

The Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery, invited to France Amfo this morning, strongly condemned the controversial position on the subject of the war in Ukraine. “He defends Vladimir Putin and rejects refugees. I recognize that his remarks are consistent.


Learn all about the candidate program

At the invitation of commensals, not all candidates responded to attend this Tuesday. To make sure you don’t miss their suggestions, we have provided an interactive format that presents their programs.


Anne Hidalgo defends her pension project

The Mayor of Paris took over from Janic Jadot in a mutual relationship. Anne Hidalgo defended her project specifically on pensions. “I don’t touch retirement and regain the standard of difficulty,” she promises to work on “amount of pension.” We have found a great system. “We pay, search, search, sell, and refund. »»


Gerard Larcher warns of the risk of Macron being reelected without discussion

When asked about Europe 1, the Senate Chair expressed concern about how the campaign would unfold. “Imagine a re-elected President of the Republic without debate, without a project report, which would be a form of abbreviated democratic debate and risk legitimacy during the mission.” He explains. He accuses Emmanuel Macron of “writing the crisis in Ukraine in a script.” Bruno Rutairo, head of the LR Group, expressed the same concern about RMC.

9:00 am

Is it possible to postpone the election?

“This was never taken into account by the government or the government. By the candidates, too. After a meeting between Jean Castex and the main presidential candidate in Matignon on Monday, the ministerial adviser said. As explained in this article, the constitutional framework does not allow it anyway.


One less candidate

Antoine Vector has decided to withdraw from the presidential election. He had collected only four sponsorships.


Yannick Jadot proposes to impose a young doctor to go to the medical desert

“If a Frenchman needs a doctor’s duty, he has a duty to settle in the medical desert,” explains Yannick Jadot again. This concerns physicians in the final and first two years of research.


Yannick Jadot first switched to reciprocity

The candidate begins by detailing his proposal in terms of addiction. In particular, he develops some discussions about screens and believes that it is essential to keep the screen as far away as possible from children under the age of three. He proposes to make obesity a “long-term condition” that is completely covered by social security.


Will DuPont Ignan be officially a candidate on Tuesday?

The Constitutional Council will publish a new valid sponsorship at 5:15 pm today. The most likely candidate to exceed the 500 initials threshold is the Debout la France candidate, who currently culminates in 457 signatures.


Parliamentary debate this afternoon

Under Article 50-1 of the Constitution, a non-voting debate will take place in parliament at 3:00 pm today, followed by the Senate on the theme of the war in Ukraine. The election context should emphasize these discussions. Jean-Luc Mélenchon speaks on behalf of Group President Mathilde Panot, especially on behalf of his subordinate France.


Busy day

The proceedings for this day on Tuesday are full. Some left-wing candidates are attacking on a trip to Mutualité in Paris, where they detail their health program. Attendance is Yannick Jadot, Anne Hidalgo, Fabien Roussel, and Valerie Pécrès.


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