Directly.Russian attack: Ukrainian French embassy relocates to Lviv


Le Drian determines that the nuclear threat is “useless and imbalanced.”

Still with BFMTV’s colleagues, the Foreign Minister responded to Putin’s warning of the Russian military’s nuclear “deterrence.”


European sanctions on Russian media that apply “within the next few hours”

Jean-Yves Le Drian also told BFMTV that a European ban on Russian media would apply “within the next few hours.” The Foreign Minister has determined that these media are “tools for spreading the war.”


France demands ceasefire at UN Security Council

Jean-Yves Le Drian guarantees that France will submit a resolution calling for a “ceasefire” between Russia and Ukraine at the UN Security Council this Monday night.


French Embassy moves to Lviv and announces Le Drian

Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, a guest of BFM TV, confirmed that the French embassy was moved from Kyiv to Lviv in the western part of the country at the request of Emmanuel Macron. “Because of the risks and threats to the capital, it will be moved to Lviv, the ambassador will remain in Ukraine to support our people. The threat was serious enough to move,” the minister said. I guarantee.


Hollande says there is no urgency to bring Ukraine to the EU

“The urgent need is not to make Ukraine join the European Union, but to withdraw Russia from Ukraine,” Kyiv said, “there was definitely a mission to integrate the EU later.” ..

“When the conflict is over and Ukraine regains its integrity and independence, it’s time to consider this proposal,” he said in an interview with the regional daily La Montagne on Monday.

“And undoubtedly, it will be received favorably, fearing that it will not put Ukraine in an unsupportable position at the economic level. For now, it is neither a priority nor a topic.”


France does not invade the people

Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian talked about the “opportunity” for French citizens to flee Ukraine by road. A choice that is not without risk. But France can do nothing more than provide cross-border support. Definitely a way to not violate the rules aimed at not placing men on Ukrainian lands. Details of this article.


Can Putin trigger a nuclear weapon alone?

This Sunday, the Russian president announced that he had put his nuclear force in “special alert”. If the Russian protocol is very secretive, one thing is for sure: the use of nuclear bombs is not that easy. All explanations for this article.


China does not want a new Cold War

China, which has been almost silent since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, briefly talked about this issue. She told the United Nations that the world “has nothing to gain” from the new Cold War.


UK refuses to accept all Ukrainian refugees without visas

Britain has promised to relax the requirement to welcome more Ukrainians with families in Britain, but has ruled out opening the border completely to refugees fleeing the Russian invasion. “Biometrics and security checks are essential to keep Britons safe (…),” Interior Minister Priti Patel told the House of Commons.


Fair, Russian channel?

The RT channel has been the subject of 15 studies in the UK due to lack of impartiality. Ofcom, a UK media regulator, said in a statement, “Given the seriousness of the situation in Ukraine, we will end the RT investigation as an urgent matter.”


Russia excluded from the next FIFA World Cup

In a broader sense, Russian clubs and selections have been suspended from all international competitions.

In addition, the UEFA has broken its partnership with Russia’s Gazprom.


For NGOs, the need for “unconditional” humanitarian access

“All combatants and all fighters must accept that there is humanitarian space and unconditional humanitarian access to rescue the most vulnerable people,” said the International Cross Commission. Spokesman Frederick Jolly argues. ..


Washington has never seen a “concrete” nuclear movement in Russia

The United States claims to have failed to detect “concrete” changes in Russia’s nuclear posture since Vladimir Putin was wary of deterrence.

The day after the Russian president’s announcement, a Pentagon official told reporters, “We are watching this as closely as possible.”


A distraught customer outside the premises of the Russian bank Sberbank, from Budapest to Zagreb

Customers of Sberbank, a Russian bank, found themselves helpless after announcing the difficulties of their European subsidiary, which was swept away by the effects of the conflict in Ukraine.

“I heard the news that there was a possibility of bankruptcy, so I started to withdraw money immediately just in case,” explains Otto Szucs, a 77-year-old pensioner whom AFP met in the Hungarian capital. ..

While the central bank has ordered the offices to be closed for two days, there is a constant flow of customers in front of distributors.


Drastic measures to support the ruble

To protect the economy and currency, the Central Bank of Russia more than doubled its key interest rate from 9.5% to 20% on Monday morning. The Moscow Stock Exchange was not even opened in the face of the risk of collapse.

The Kremlin has announced that Russian residents can no longer transfer currency abroad.

In addition, Russian exporters have been ordered from Monday to convert 80% of foreign currency income earned after January 1st into rubles and continue to maintain 80% of the ruble’s currency assets.


Game despite the war

Ukraine’s Zinchenko, defender of Manchester City’s football team, will play on Tuesday despite his country’s invasion. Zinchenko was not used to win Manchester City’s Everton in the Premier League on Saturday after Russia invaded Ukraine.


Defenders of Snake Island “live and do well,” says the Ukrainian Navy

I thought everyone was dead. According to the Ukrainian Navy, defenders of Ukrainian Snake Island in the Black Sea are “living and healthy,” CNN reports. .. Russian state media have shown that Ukrainian soldiers have arrived in Sevastopol, Crimea, where they are being detained.


Far from getting stuck, Russian troops fear indiscriminate strikes

Russian troops trying to establish ties in southern Ukraine are slower than expected after a five-day war, while preparing to “violently attack” the capital Kyiv and other city centers, civilians. I am afraid that there are many casualties. The expert told AFP.


Italy supplies Ukraine with military equipment

During the Council of Ministers, the government decided to “transfer means, supplies and military equipment to Ukrainian government authorities”.

No details are given about the nature or value of the equipment provided.


Africa to save Ukrainian people

Many African countries, including Nigeria and South Africa, are trying to help people flee Ukraine as racism against Africans grows at the Ukrainian border.

Like hundreds of thousands of people, many Africans (mostly students) are trying to flee Ukraine to neighboring countries, including Poland.


Finland sends weapons to Ukraine

Finland, a former Soviet country, has made a “historic” decision to supply Ukraine with weapons and announced the Prime Minister.


Departure of 250 alpine hunters from Annecy, Romania

A detachment of 250 soldiers from Annecy’s 27th Alpine Hunter Battalion (BCA) headed for Bouches-du-Rhone, leaving for Romania to strengthen the NATO system.

This mission aims to ensure strategic solidarity with allies.


Russian diplomatic chief cancels his visit to Geneva

Russian diplomatic Prime Minister Sergeń≠ Viklov, who was scheduled to attend the HRC and the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva on Tuesday, has imposed “anti-Russian sanctions” banning flying over the European Union and canceled his visit to Geneva.


Britain closes port to Russian ships

After the assets of Russian banks were frozen, Britain had just announced additional disciplinary action against Russia, the closure of the port to Russian ships.


Ukraine formally signs EU membership application

The moment is symbolic and historic. In a photo released by the official account of the Ukrainian Parliament, President Zelensky of Ukraine has signed the country’s official application for accession to the European Union.