Directly.War in Ukraine: Putin is ready to send a delegation for a meeting in Minsk


  • Russia’s attack on Ukraine, launched overnight by Vladimir Putin from Wednesday to Thursday, continues this Friday.
  • New economic sanctions on Russia were adopted by France, 27, and the United States on Thursday.
  • Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone Thursday night. According to Elysee, the President of the Republic “requested an immediate stop” of the Russian attack.
  • The French president has blamed the “duplicate” of the Kremlin’s master.
  • An explosion was heard in the center of Kiev.
  • There are at least 137 deaths on the Ukrainian side.


Romanian ship attacked by Russians, says Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

The Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Army reports that the Romanian ship “Millennium Spirit” was attacked by a Russian ship “12 miles from the port of Pivdeny” in Odessa Oblast. “The situation has been clarified,” the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense relays.


Knoll division suspends Mattis’ lending of works to China

Northern announces suspension this Friday Sign die Considering the context and the “connection between Beijing and Moscow”, the painter Mathis lent 280 works to China. This expedition was planned “within a few weeks” for two exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai in 2022. It has been postponed to “at a later date” and the department indicates in a press release.


Putin “behaves like a Nazi”, EU spokesman accuses

Russian President Vladimir Putin claims to be conducting a military attack on Ukraine to “blame” the country and “acts like a Nazi,” said European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, spokesman. Man, blaming Peter Stano.


“Russian armed groups seized all sites of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.”

“The reserves of the nuclear fuels SVYAP-1 and SVYAP-2 in operation have a team of over 22,000 heat-splitting reactors. By the terrifying hands of the invaders, this large amount of plutonium-239 has become a nuclear bomb and thousands. Acres can turn into lifeless wastelands. (…) The humane and ecological consequences of such disasters will be borderless. »»


Assad favors Putin and he says he owes “” History correction »

The Syrian president welcomed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by calling Russian President Vladimir Putin. “President Assad emphasized that what is happening today is a revision of history and a restoration of the balance of the international order after the collapse of the Soviet Union,” the Syrian president said in a statement.


Bashar al-Assad

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“It’s time to invent a system that enables multilateralism in the 21st century.”

“We must show imagination and creativity to create the conditions for the establishment of a new multilateral institution,” said Nicolas Sarkozy on the Elysee staircase. Nothing works today. NATO does not work. The G7 doesn’t work and the G20 I wanted to create doesn’t work. And even the United Nations swinging between indifference and immobility. In 2022, it is time to invent the system that enables multilateralism in the 21st century. »»


“It must be time to de-escalate,” Sarkozy says.

“I observe that the aggression (and weak language) in international affairs continues to be unleashed every week. I commented on the” details of the conversation with President Emmanuel Macron “that I just met at the Elysee Palace. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy, who does not want to, said, “It must be time to lift the escalation.” “The only possible way is diplomacy, because the alternative to diplomacy is total war. (…) And that-total war-no one in the world can hope. This is the approach President Macron had when he went to Moscow. That’s why I approved. The path of dialogue (…) is difficult and often disappointing. But there is no alternative, so I have to keep going this path. And if France doesn’t do that, France’s No one does it instead. (…) “


F1 Grand Prix in Russia has been cancelled

According to F1 officials, the Sochi Grand Prix scheduled for September has been cancelled.


Zelensky appeals to Europeans

The President of Ukraine calls on “enhanced Europeans” to come and fight in Ukraine to repel the invasion of Russian troops. “If you have combat experience (…) you can come to our country to protect Europe,” he said.


Battle progress

The Ukrainian president reported on Twitter that fighting took place this Friday morning in Chernihiv (north), Hostmel (near Kiev) and Melitopol (southeast). “People are dead,” he said.


China in favor of negotiations

Chinese television reports that President Xi Jinping called for continued “negotiations” with Ukraine during a call to Vladimir Putin.


Union supports Ukraine

In addition to the elected officials, the French trade union expressed its support for the Ukrainian people in a joint press release signed by representatives of the CGT, FO, CFDT, CFTC and CFE-CGC.


Support is expanding in France

Benoit Payan, Mayor of Marseille, claims to be “in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.” Jean-Luc Mudenk, LR Mayor of Toulouse, has also stated “solidarity with the Ukrainian people with a special feeling for the inhabitants of Kiev.” The two towns have been sister cities for almost 50 years.


Italy is ready to deploy more troops

Mario Draghi, head of government of Italy, mobilizes first “1,400 men and women from the Army, Navy and Air Force” and then 2,000 additional soldiers in NATO countries in the face of Ukraine’s invasion. Declare that you are ready to do so.


Senate adopts common European Declaration

The Senate, “by consensus,” adopts a joint declaration of all the European Union parliaments and the European Parliament condemning Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine.


GIGN as a reinforcement in Kiev


Erdogan’s dissatisfaction

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticized the European Union and NATO for not acting against Russia. “NATO should have taken more decisive action. Europe lacks determination in that approach. All they do is give Ukraine advice and advice,” he argues. ..


Some economic sectors “suffer”

At the end of the interview with Emmanuel Macron, Francois Hollande admits that there will definitely be a “suffering economic sector.” This new context must be taken into account “to develop the right proposal,” he tells the presidential candidate.


“Putin has more to lose than to gain.”

For François Hollande, we need to ensure that Vladimir Putin “much more to lose than to gain” in this conflict he initiated. “It’s all a matter of time. Alas, things go fast in Ukraine, so you have to go fast and very fast.» »


“What we have to do today is to raise the level of sanctions,” François Hollande recommends.

The former French president came out of an interview with his successor Emmanuel Macron in Elysee. “I know the goals set by Russians, especially Vladimir Putin, to be able to dismantle and incapacitate Ukraine at the expense of disasters and conflicts that have remained open for several years,” Francois Hollande said. Hollande says.

Faced with this threat, the European, French and Atlantic alliances must confront it, first of all raising the level of sanctions (…), especially monetary sanctions (…), Russia and its leaders. To be struck deeply. This response. »»


At least 100,000 Ukrainians have already left home

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that at least 100,000 Ukrainians have already been forced to leave their homes during the 24-hour conflict. “If things get worse,” we predict that 4 million people are likely to leave Ukraine and go to another country.


International Ski Federation cancels all competitions in Russia

The International Ski Federation (FIS) has announced the cancellation of all competitions scheduled in Russia by the end of the season.


Spain Evacuate the ambassador and a hundred people

Madrid announced that it had evacuated the ambassador and diplomatic staff from Kiev and the 100 remaining Spanish citizens in Ukraine on Friday morning in the face of Russian troops advancing towards the Ukrainian capital.


Ukrainian soccer player Ignatenko weeping Thursday in Girondin training

The Ukrainian midfielder of French football club Bordeaux Danylo Ihnatenko, who was hired during his transfer last winter, was able to hide his tears with training on Thursday hours after the outbreak of the war in his country. It wasn’t, his coach David said on Friday.