Directly.War in Ukraine: Russia claims to have used hypersonic missiles again

Follow the progress of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia on Sunday, March 20th.

-9:20 am: European Bank for Reconstruction is worried about the consequences of the war

Energy, agriculture, inflation, poverty … The war in Ukraine will have a major impact on Eastern Europe and the world, and global growth is likely to slow, says Beata Javorchik, chief economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). States as follows. 20 minutes.. According to her, Ukraine’s reconstruction costs will be “significant”, but already $ 100 billion, or “two-thirds of GDP,” has been presented just because of the destroyed infrastructure. There is.

-8:41 am: Russia says it has used hypersonic missiles again

Russia confirmed on Saturday that it had re-used these new types of weapons this Sunday after announcing on Saturday that it had launched the first hypersonic missile in Ukraine. BFM TV..

In a video posted on YouTube by the ministry, two pilots show a riveted aircraft under the MiG-31, followed by a Russian fighter, taking off and landing against the backdrop of war music.

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Ukraine: What we know about hypersonic missiles used in Russia is that they can attack anywhere within an hour.

-8:21 am: One of Europe’s largest steelworks damaged in Mariupol

According to Ukrainian officials, the Azofustal steel and metallurgical plant in Mariupol, Europe’s largest, was severely damaged by the bombardment.

-8:10 am: Building containing 400 refugees bombed in Mariupol

Russian troops bombarded an art school in Mariupol that housed 400 refugees, Without the southeast of the country, the city council of the port city said on Sunday. Fees have not been disclosed, but the Mariupol City Council states that the building has been destroyed and there are casualties under the rubble. Reuters could not immediately confirm the accuracy of this information.

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Russian occupiers drop bombs on art school #Mariupol, # Ukraine A place where hundreds of people hid.
About 400 Mariupol residents, including women, children and the elderly, were hiding there. The building is known to have been destroyed and civilians are still under the rubble.

— Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (@ua_parliament) March 20, 2022

-7:50 am: Zelensky criticizes Nestle and Swiss banks

The Ukrainian President spoke live from Kyiv for nine minutes to thousands of people gathered in front of the Swiss Parliament, including Swiss President Ignazio Cassis. “Eat well. Live well” is Nestlé’s slogan. Your company refuses to leave Russia, “he criticized.

“It hurts,” Zelensky continued with the bank. “The money of those who started this war is in your bank. Help me fight this. May these funds be frozen.”

-7:30 am: Australia adopts new economic sanctions against Russia on Sunday

These sanctions were made in response to the invasion of Ukraine, immediately banning the export of alumina and bauxite, and promised to provide Kyiv with more weapons and humanitarian aid. Such export bans are aimed at undermining aluminum production in Russia, which relies on Australia for 20% of alumina.

-6:30 am: Russia is campaigning for “terrorism” for Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said: Russia’s siege of Mariupol’s port was “a horror remembered for centuries”Local governments said thousands of residents were forced to cross the border.

“Thousands of Mariupol’s inhabitants have been displaced to Russian territory in the past week,” the city council wrote in a statement posted on the encrypted messaging app Telegram on Saturday night. Reuters was unable to validate these statements on its own. A Russian news agency recently reported that a bus presented by Moscow as a refugee from Mariupol brought hundreds of people to Russia. Warning sirens rang early Sunday morning in major Ukrainian cities, but new attacks were not immediately reported.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Friday that its troops were “strengthening their grip” around Mariupol and that the fighting had reached the city center. In a late-night video speech, Volodymyr Zelensky said the siege of Mariupol “is historic because of accountability for war crimes.” Peace negotiations are “neither easy nor fun,” he said, but they are still necessary.