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Remaining testimony about political relations: Despite all, we still campaign and vote

MATHIEU tells us something: “I’m fighting every day for discussion and interaction.”

“Currently President of the Student Assembly Association section At Toulouse, we fight every day for discussion and interaction through young people. However, here, after more than a year of contact and investigation, coming “to Toulouse” is “too complicated”, “too expensive”, or very simply, the proposed date is uncertain, ambiguous, Or unless it is a partial period. I wonder if young voters are really interesting.

I wanted to participate in the campaign, but above all, not only stupidly listened to the program planned a few months ago for some of the voting population, but also listened to and shared my ideas. And know more young people to discuss.

I get the impression that young people do not want to get involved, do not do things, and sometimes hear that they are responsible for the current social and ecological situation. However, my associative experience shows that young people are always ridiculed, forgotten, unheard, and want to participate and be weighted, except for their limited expression. »»

Matthew, 21, L3 Law Student-Political Science, Toulouse 1 University

ADRIEN tells us something: “The first thing I did when I was 18: register on the electoral rolls”

“I’m sure I’m going to vote. I’m definitely voting for Yannick Jadot. I’m in harmony with his vision of society, the future, and the ecological and unified way of life he advocates. Climate, biodiversity and pollution crises are challenges of today’s century. We can provide technical response, but we need to change our way of life to move towards more drinking. Yes. Taking a step away is not a step back.

However, I have not participated in the campaign as an activist. On the one hand, due to lack of time, but especially due to the relationship of domination, the lack of respect between ego conflicts and debates makes me sick. Like nuclear power, I like the time to express nuances, questions, and opinions. This is perceived as a weakness and politics is considered a battle. I regret. I’m watching the news and campaigns carefully, but I unplugged the TV. I would like to have a relationship with a social purpose in order to take concrete actions. »»

Adrian, 19 years old, student, Rubuska, near Bordeaux

Maiwenn What to tell us: “We are not afraid. We want to move forward.”

“Politics is a struggle and a young man seeking a new future. But what does it offer us today? What is the concern of the eternal debate about past security, immigration and nostalgia?” Wants to move forward without fear.

We need to force ourselves into this system, which does not look like us or consider us disillusioned youth, without values ​​or beliefs. You abandon us in a destroyed society. Billing for utilities? Are you waging an imperialist war? Abortion? A bitter impression that took a step back. Poor people produce wealth, but they become poor. Ruined planet. We are suffering from your actions. We are responsible for you. How to fight? Extreme left, probably radical, change, turbulent. Abolish capitalism. Escape from this slow pain. »»