Divorce: Unpaid or mispaid child support, it’s over

Beginning March 1, 2022, the role of the mediator between CAFS and MSa in paying support payments has been generalized to divorce.
Beginning March 1, 2022, the role of the mediator between CAFS and MSa in paying support payments has been generalized to divorce. (© Olivier Le Moal / Adob ​​eStock)

Buying clothes, registering for extracurricular activities, needing food, medical care … no more chasing Dependent allowance was paid little or no :start March 1, 2022Recovery of dependents for divorced children Automation..

In the past, the logical controls for this system were the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) and the Mutualitésocialea gricole (MSA). This is because it has already been created since January 1, 2021. Mediator Between parents Separation For pension payments through new public services, the unpaid maintenance fee collection agency (Aripa).

Prevent the risk of non-payment

In accordance with the law n ° 2022-259 published in the future Official newspaper After February 27, 2022, the device (free) will be automatic, All current or future divorces, With a dependent allowance, as determined by the court.

How does the device work? monthlyThe CAF or MSA is responsible for collecting support from the debtor’s parent before paying to the creditor’s parent. Once set, the press release specifies the government, “it will work until the pension payment is complete.” In other words, when the child becomes “autonomous”. »»

Please note that you do not need to obtain the consent of another parent to request this support. “The purpose is to ensure monthly payments of child support to creditors’ parents by preventing the risk of delinquency,” explains the Ministry of Solidarites website.

Financial intermediation also aims to relieve tensions associated with financial problems between distant parents, so they can focus on the education and development of their children.

Ministry of Solidarites

Only two exceptions

Two situations stand out Exceptional And will have to be decided by the court during the divorce:

  • Both parents agree not to rely on it and agree between themselves about the payment.
  • Separation between marital and / or after domestic violence.

Except for these two cases, there is no excuse. “It is the parent’s duty to pay the dependents,” recalls Alipa. If your ex-spouse refuses to pay dependents and specifies public services, this can ultimately lead to a family abandonment crime, 2 years in prison and 15,000 euros..

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30% unpaid dependent allowance

Almost out of 1 million households eligible to receive child support Suffering from some third party or unpaid dependents – Or about 300,000 households, government figures.

Non-payment of dependents is a reality […] This especially hits women and the most modest people. This reform constitutes a strong measure of concrete progress and social justice and equality, as these delinquency often assign mothers to instability with their children.

Elisabeth MorenoMinister in charge of equality between women and men

The average pension is 170 euros per month.

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