Do world basketball stars Joel Embiid want to be French? -Young Africa

In Yaoundé, like Douala, the issue of dual citizenship easily evokes passion. Public opinion will often show patriotic athletes unable to show appreciation to the country they saw the day, especially when it influences sports stars and the choice of colors they protect during their careers. I oppose ungrateful athletes.

Basketball player Joel Embiid said on Monday, May 2nd, the RMC Sports Channel “has begun administrative procedures to acquire French nationality and enable players to play basketball with French teams.” Since then, I’ve learned this in a difficult way.The article in question does not quote the source, but “stay” [en France] The file will be completed by the end of June. ”

Officials, the sons of the retired colonel, did not respond to this new address Young africa, His relatives ensure that his team, the Philadelphia 76ers, is focused on the NBA Playoffs, which is currently dragging 1-0 in the series against the Miami Heat on behalf of the semifinals. However, many Cameroonians, whether basketball enthusiasts or not, have expressed strong dissatisfaction with the indigenous peoples of the Damas district on the outskirts of Yaoundé for treason.

“Why France? »»

When Embiid has a career with Cameroonian basketball player Look Ba a Moot, some vaguely see the fact that Embiid is playing in a country other than Cameroon. They recall that Joel Embiid, a former volleyball enthusiast, was discovered by NBA scouts during a training course in Yaoundé by a former Houston Rockets star. Others blame him for choosing France. “Why this country? France did nothing for him, it would have been the United States, we would have understood this decision, but France would not have.” Written the user.

The Commonwealth of Cameroon has abandoned the competition for Embiid since 2017-18.

Nevertheless, Embiid can expect some support, including those who blame the Cameroonian Basketball Federation for not being able to provide the services of the most acclaimed Cameroonian players in history. They add that the choice of sports nationality does not prevent him from being involved in the development of sports in the country in which he was born.

“Our federation has abandoned the competition for Embiid since 2017-18,” recalls Cameroon’s coach Alan Manga. Joel has always wanted to play in Cameroon, but his multiple injuries and contractual provisions have discouraged Feca Basket from having to buy huge insurance. The file isEThrough the sports department, tat said they didn’t have the money to do it. »»

Reconciliation that goes a long way

It must be said that the story of the reconciliation between Joel Embiid and the French team is not new. Already in September 2014, Embiid was invited to the team by Franco-Cameroon player Nicolas Batum. Proposals to show that the people involved did not have French citizenship were quickly declined.

Joel remains a Cameroonian player and we always support him that way.

The possibility of Embiid being selected for the French team caused another turmoil in 2018. “There are other countries like France. I like France, it’s an opportunity. There are a lot of friends and family there. France is an option, but we’ll see,” he said. I told the bystanders of the game.

Apart from that, it was the French sportsmen who reacted badly this time because the points of the Sixers had little to do with France. “I have a lot of families in France. I protested Embiid in an interview with the newspaper. team.. Uncle, Aunt … When I was young, I went there to spend a two-month vacation. […] I have always been a fan of France. The fact that I speak French, the family there, my dad and my mother, were probably in France three times a year and wanted to buy a house or apartment there. »»

What are the consequences of this case? The Commonwealth of Cameroon guarantees that it will not pay attention to “rumors”. “There is nothing concrete,” says one of its executives. Be careful if it is official. But until that becomes the case, Joel will continue to be a player in Cameroon and we will always support him that way. »»