Do you play the same weekend with two different teams? Our answer to “reader’s topic”

Every month, the “reader’s topic” was inspired by Internet users. John asked the following question: “Every week in team sports, we see players playing in two different teams. What are the rules to respect for each sport?” The question we tried to answer.


Saturday, March 12, 2022. AJA will receive Sochaux at 3:00 pm on the 28th day of League 2. Auxerre goalkeeper Theo de Persin sits on a substitute bench. Three hours later, he started a National 2 match against Paris 13 Atletico. This was possible thanks to the payment points.

“As for the club where the first team plays in L2, contract players under the age of 23 on July 1st of this season who played in the second half of the League 2 match can participate in the club’s national championship match. First reserve team. “

Article 151 of the General Rules of the FFF (Sky)

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. “There is a limit to the participation of first team players. In the last five games, three or more players who have played more than 10 first team games in all tournaments cannot participate. Between two reserve teams. Excludes the match, “said AJAB coach David Kale.

Exceptions are also valid at the regional level. “Players who have played more than 10 games for the first time in the last five days cannot come to strengthen their reserves,” handed over Christoph Kyliet, president of the Yonne district. It also states that “at this level, you cannot play within 48 hours.”


“Players can play up to 120 minutes on weekends,” said Rafael Urbina, director of rugby club Auxerrois. He does not hesitate to use it on certain occasions. “When faced with a shortage of teams, two teams can line up, and young players who deserve to be in the first group can take the time to play as a team. B and experience I will continue. Finally, it’s also an opportunity to balance play time as needed, “he explains.

The first team has five burnt players who are not allowed to play on the reserve team. Even if you come back from an injury.


“The first team has five burnt players who are not allowed to play on the reserve team. Even if they recover from an injury. The other players on the team are their availability and the reserve team. Depending on your needs, you may have to play two games on the same weekend, after which it’s up to the coach to manage it intelligently when it comes to play time, “explains ASHery coach Andrzej Rozycki. To do.


For Sens Volley 89, this possibility is related to age limits. “Athletes under the age of 21 can double on weekends, but if they are on the list declared at the start of the championship to the federation, but whether the reserve team is at the national or regional level. The rules vary depending on. Currently in N3, the rule is to play on different days. In the past, Weiteani Vaki could play in the region and play on the first team on the same day. “It was,” explains Seno Nice coach Johannile.

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If the four team sports already mentioned benefit from this possibility, this does not apply to the handball designated by the coach of Entente Puisaye Baptiste Coudray. “It’s not possible in our sport. It’s still very controlled. There are so-called” last game “rules. On weekends when there are no games at the premiere, you do not have the right to defeat the player. It is a spare. However, the reverse is also possible. “


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