Do you supply missile defense batteries to Ukraine?Russia warns NATO countries

Ukraine-Slovakia has offered to provide Ukraine with an air defense system, but Russia has warned of the potential consequences of such assistance in the conflict on Friday, March 18.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov said Moscow “does not allow” the transfer of the S-300 air defense missile system. He even said that any supply of weapons to Ukraine would be considered a “legitimate target” by Russia.

“”Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov has threatened to declare all aircraft carriers that could bring weapons into Ukraine as military targets.

Ukraine had about 100 S-300 batteries before the invasion, and Russian troops claim to have destroyed about 40 at the start of the attack on February 24th. The country is vast and it takes a lot of time just to protect the city, Brent Eastwood of the specialized site 19 Forty Five tells AFP. “If you are planning to defend Ukraine, you need four S-300 batteries at four major points in Kyiv. You can sleep well at night.”

The United States wants to pass through Slovakia and Bulgaria

The US President, who wants to support Ukraine militarily without direct conflict with Russia, is trying to provide Ukrainian troops with better protection against Russian artillery attacking cities.

Joe Biden thus promised to help Ukraine get a “long-range air defense system” rather than a shoulder-mounted stinger, but finds a powerful anti-aircraft gun that the Ukrainian army urgently needs. That doesn’t seem to be as easy as it sounds.

These S-300s could come from certain countries in the former Soviet block that still have them, especially Slovakia and Bulgaria, where US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin was recently.

However, these countries still rely on the S-300 for their security and demand a replacement, the Patriots, before handing it over to Ukraine. Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Naď told reporters Thursday that “we are ready to do this as soon as we have the right replacements.”

The Netherlands also announced on Friday that it would deploy Patriot batteries at the Sliač military base in central Slovakia, confirming that Germany would send two more to the country. This facilitates the transfer of a single Slovak S-. 300 batteries to the Netherlands.

However, German and Dutch patriots do not arrive in Slovakia immediately-the Netherlands counts April 15-and the Ukrainian army is short of time.

To save Ukraine, an American patriot

The ideal way to support Ukraine is a mobile anti-aircraft gun like the Patriot, whose effectiveness has been well demonstrated in Iraq and the Gulf in recent years. The patriot on board the truck consists of an aircraft with a radius of 100 km or more, a drone, a radar capable of automatically detecting and intercepting missiles, a surveillance post with three soldiers, and a series of interceptor missiles. ..

However, Ukrainian soldiers are not trained in handling this sophisticated American weapon. On the other hand, they have a more limited scope, but enough to protect Kharkov or Kyiv, how to use Russia’s first-generation anti-aircraft system against American patriots. I know. Border with Russia. Most of the missiles that attack them are launched.

In addition, while some countries appear ready to supply Kyiv with spare missiles for the S-300, Ukraine needs many complete systems, including radar and surveillance posts. “The S-300 is better than nothing, but that’s not enough,” says Brent Eastwood.

Logistical difficulties in getting patriots to their destination

The other two NATO member countries, Bulgaria and Greece, have S-300s, but alternatives must also be provided. However, even if the US military, which has a relatively limited inventory of patriots, decides to lend their country to these countries, it will take several weeks before they arrive at their destination. Washington is trying to convince allies in other regions to lend them, but again, it’s not easy.

US Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley may have sought help from Japan on Thursday. According to a summary of the conversation released by the Pentagon on Friday, he called on Japanese counterparts to discuss “the current state of the Pacific Ocean and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

The Gulf countries have a large number of anti-aircraft guns to protect themselves from Iran’s missiles, but they do not appear to be in a hurry to help Ukraine. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are one of the world’s largest oil exporters, both with strong ties to both the West and Moscow, and have so far avoided opposition to Russia.

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