Dr. Oz applauds after Joe Biden fires him from the Presidential Sports Council: Look-Reuters

Dr. Oz says he has no intention of resigning from his position on the Sports, Fitness and Nutrition Commission and is calling on President Joe Biden to “little” and “politicize health.”

Via White House President Joe Biden Just sent Dr. Mehemet Oz A letter calling for the resignation of the Presidential Council on sports, fitness and nutrition. The 61-year-old advises that he will be fired if he does not resign by 6 pm. After receiving the letter, Dr. Oz. Folded back..

“” President Trump I have been appointed to the Presidential Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition for two terms. I received an email from the White House asking me to resign by the end of the day. “He started on a Twitter thread on Wednesday, March 23.” Obviously, Joe Biden can’t be with someone who doesn’t exactly match his high-handed, overwhelming one-size-fits-all COVID operation. I am proud of my service and will not resign.

A doctor currently running for the Senate in Pennsylvania said he was “proud” of his service at the White House and “will not resign.”

The doctor also posted a video on his Twitter Explain the situation.. “I received a letter on your screen on your behalf [President Biden] He demanded a resignation from the Presidential Council on sports, fitness and nutrition, “the doctor said. “It’s sad that Joe Biden politicizes an issue as important as his health. In fact, let me make a suggestion. The doctor he should ask for resignation Doctor Antoine Forch For many obvious reasons.

He continued. “That said, I thank President Trump for appointing me to this very prestigious and important position, and I also thank my colleagues on the committee and the wonderful achievements we have achieved. I am.

Later, television moderators accused Biden of being “trivial” and “political,” and assured him “unintentional” to resign.

“If President Biden wants to politicize medical care, he will have to fire me and show Americans how really trivial and political he is,” he continued. “I think record energy prices (the highest in inflation in 40 years) and the Ukrainian tragedy will be given higher priority.

The council serves as an advisory board to promote a healthy diet and physical activity.Dr. Oz sat on the board with the New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick And the former NFL running back Herschel Walker.. It’s unclear why the White House asked Oz to resign, or if anyone else received a similar letter.