Draguignan Riding Center is a full gallop all year round

At the Negatives Complex, the Dracenova Equestrian Sports Center Association and its 25 horses are highly dynamic and carry out many projects.

Opportunity to meet Arnaud Vigier, the structure manager and referent instructor.

Would you like to introduce Paul in a few lines?

Relationships with about 140 licensees in all categories, from beginners to baby ponies (from 3 years old), are on track. We recently changed our tone with the arrival of Lisa Katoire as a new instructor and Angelic Biston as a cautious groom. Our cavalry consists of 25 horses (ponies, horses), owners and leaders.

Do you have any feedback on the consequences of your young talent in the competition?

Overall good results within the framework of the departmental circuit. Thus, our colors were commended in Chevaldarjan (Les Sarkus-sur-Argents), Remlet (Rocbrune-sur-Argents), and Brignoles. Some of the young riders are in the limelight. I’m thinking of Manon Charpin, Tom Claret, Clara Babinet, Lily Sanchez, Romane Bonnet, Macha Courant, Stella Ryser. Of the 54 entries, 22 rankings, including 7 1st places that talk about the potential of our young disciples.

The color of Paul (here Macha Coolant) regularly participates in competitions in many divisions. Photo doctor

What are the highlights of this season?

Undoubtedly, participation in the evacuation of horses in the event of a fire in Grimaud and Vidauban last summer.

Do you have a lot of plans on the menu this summer?

Summers are particularly hot, with 1 to 5 gallop meetings taking place from August 22nd to 27th (9am to 12am). The staff can register and provide information. Meanwhile, a hike to showcase orienteering on horseback (reading a map and using a compass) will take place on Wednesday, July 20th and Saturday, August 20th. Outings are a picnic menu from Oo to the lake and swimming with horses (swimsuits provided). A total of 5 hours of hiking a day. Six locations are available per session (halfboard G3 or higher priority). It costs 70 euros a day.

What about a project to hold a tournament in the center of the city?

It’s still in the pipe and is very much talked about. For the time being, everything is a matter of budget. Repairing the floor of a large quarry alone costs around € 200,000. This represents the actual budget. But all the parties involved are working. And that should happen.

Do Paul and school always work together?

Yes, this year we welcomed classes transferred from Pierre Brosoletto Elementary School as part of the educational destination of interest to our students. And it works really well. In addition, we welcomed children and teens from the Salerne-based HautVar medical education institution.

A group of athletes from clubs in each prefecture have all united with the same passion. Photo JL.

Is dressage discipline still practiced within the structure?

It’s true that jumping competitions (CSOs) are prioritized over dressage, but there are customers who are happy with leisure but not with competitions. Keep in mind the fact that dressage needs to be well-founded to be successful in a CSO.

Are Arnaud and his competitors always working hard?

No, I’m calm. I am the father of a 1 year old girl. And I put a big brake on the competition.

What’s new in September?

We will participate in the traditional day of sports cultural organizations on Saturday, September 3rd. And on September 11th (Sun), we will continue the reception of the festival in the 7th ward (east) and carry out attractive activities.

Finally, what if you have a wish?

To be able to hold big events in the center of the city as before.

Equestrian centers in all states

The main purpose of the Dracenova Equestrian Center is to make horseback riding known and practiced by as many people as possible.

Paul, a member of the French Equestrian Federation (FFE), has been awarded the label “French Equestrian School, French Horses and Pony Clubs”.


Qualified teachers will discover all forms of horseback riding. From group or individual lessons for children and adults to introductory or advanced courses, Paul allows you to progress at your own pace.


Throughout the season, we will accompany you to all levels of events organized in the field of show jumping, hunters and even dressage.


Approximately 10 boxes of stables exclusively for the owner’s horse, with services that combine horse comfort (shower, paddock, veterinary care, etc.) with riders (clubhouse, coaching, changing rooms, etc.).


Conclude with 10 boxes, 2 arenas, a carousel, a paddock and a clubhouse.