Duke Tournament at The Nevers Maisondes Sports: A True Logistic Challenge

Maison des Sports hosts the Duke’s Tournament, a national circuit for men and women under the age of 17, on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March.

Nivernefencing has been waiting for such competition in The Nevers for over 15 years. The Nevers Fencing Club, with the help of its partners, has prepared a wonderful room, especially thanks to an army of volunteers recruited on this occasion.

It is a brand new hole that emerges from the normal place span of handball performance, as it is impossible to move the hole from La Bottede Nevers to Maison dessports. It all started on Thursday, March 17th and collected the fencing trucks used this weekend by club president Sebastian Barre and Besancon CNE fencing master Richard Gaurus.

TV to follow the tournament

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The speakers were following each other in the room for the highest quality installation, as the room could not be secured until Friday, March 18th. The Nevers City technical service first laid several layers of carpet to preserve the almost new parquet floors.

The track was then laid thanks to all the work before setting up a scoretable and counting the fencing diffusion and devices of the partner who was also responsible for all the electrical parts essential for the smooth running of the event.

premium With Richard Golas, happiness is in the sword of Cercle Nevers Escrime

A television network is also connected so that 200 athletes can follow the match. The Styl’Pub agency was responsible for decorating the room with advertising panels and decorating the large totem with the Cercle Nevers Escrime logo.

After all, the hall was ready and fluidized on Friday, March 18th, because the club has been working since January, when the French Union Fencing Federation awarded The Nevers a tournament. ..
Finally, the refreshment bar was filled with Shauna Events and Lombart-Lefebvre, as competitors and companions need to be well nourished and quenched.

Weekends are likely to be memorable and you need to prove Nivernais’ Know How to national authorities in terms of organization.