During the Urban Session Festival, Brussels transformed into the world capital of urban sports

Urban Session Brussels is the largest urban sports festival ever held in Belgium and is expected to attract approximately 25,000 visitors in its first edition from June 30th to July 3rd. This free four-day festival is dedicated to urban sports and culminates in the first UC IBM X Freestyle World Cup in Belgium.

Unique event

For four days, all eyes will be on Brussels, a meeting place for sports fans in all cities. At the UCI International BMX Freestyle World Cup, the world’s best athletes will compete for the first time in Belgium, including Olympic BMX freestyle champions Charlotte Worthington, Logan Martin, Declan Brooks and several Belgian champions Kenneth Tankre.

In addition to BMX, Urban Session Brussels offers a variety of competitions, demonstrations and battles, from hoodies to breakdance, extreme disable sports (WCMX) and skateboarding. Skateboarding, like BMX, has been an Olympic sport since 2020. A mega lamp with a length of 15 meters. In the world’s second-largest parkour, Mexico’s Zabia Rodriguez Alvarez and Belgium’s Jeremy Lorsignor impress the masses with their magnificent appearance.

UC IBM X Freestyle World Cup in Belgian soil

“” Hosting these new Olympic sports disciplines, as well as this 2022 World Cup, is arguably one of the best opportunities to make the Brussels region shine in the international sports scene. It’s a kind of excitement and pride to welcome the best international athletes to this global free event. Linking Brussels to the highest level of urban sports was a challenge, here it is! », Minister Sven Guts, Minister of the Brussels Metropolitan Government, explains that he is responsible for the budget, finances and image of Brussels.

An event you can’t miss

Dedicated to action sports, this free four-day festival hosts Belgium’s first UC IBM X Freestyle World Cup. Alongside the cities of Montpellier and the Gold Coast, Brussels will host one of the three stages of the World Cup, where you’ll see recent Olympic medalists compete with the best athletes from around the world. At Parc Josafat in Schaerbeek, more than 25,000 visitors are expected for this special event.


“” The goal is to create a complete experience. In the heart of Brussels, we have started a new urban sports project here. We welcome various areas related to action sports. Everything related to BMX freestyle, skateboarding, parkour, breakdancing, and many other activities that revolve around this new generation of sports. And our goal is to be the first to host the first stage of the BMX Freestyle World Cup in Belgian soil. It makes it one of the biggest tournaments of the season. Brussels is actually located on the map of BMX Freestyle Urban Sports, one of the biggest competitions of the year. And alongside this World Cup, which welcomes the best men and women in the field, we will host a series of activities, competitions and contests for skateboarding, parkour and breakdancing. We will actually install various infrastructures in the four corners of the event to provide a festive experience. Citizens are invited to attend the event for free and can actually move from space to space and from stage to stage so that they can participate in different competitions, different sports and other activities. After that, we organize a series of initiations and activities for the young and old. It’s really open to everyone. Develop Matthieu Gheysen, the organizer of the event.

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