Ecology: Candidate program evaluated by NGOs in the Climate Action Network

Climate-Red or Green … The NGO considered the 2022 Presidential Candidate program from an ecology perspective on Sunday, March 20th. JDD.. And at least we can say that many of them have been rejected while climate issues are struggling to surface in the presidential debate.

The Climate Action Network (RAC), which brings together about 30 associations (Action Against Hunger, Nature and Human Foundation, French Natural Environment, Greenpeace, Oxfam, Secours Catholique, WWF), holds seven areas (transportation, Industry) was investigated and approved. , Agriculture, housing, energy, international, finance.

Yannick Jadot and Melenchon, the best students

Environmental candidate Yannick Jadot is at the top of the ranking with six green lights and one orange light. The latter is relevant internationally, as RAC believes that “the suspension of fossil fuel financing abroad remains ambiguous.” Apart from that, the program is “resolutely ambitious” for transportation, “comprehensive and accurate” for agriculture and food, and provides a “clear roadmap” for renewable energy.

“We could have developed a slightly more accurate means of supporting sustainable agriculture,” RAC said.

In his program, Yannick Jadot proposed a range of steps, from reducing VAT on organic products to converting residential city center offices to facilitate migration. In particular, a vast plan to set up 100,000 young people as farmers on small pesticide-free farms by eliminating farmers’debt thanks to the Common Agricultural Policy (9 billion euros) and the diversion of aid from state aid. Provide. a billion).

Some of the guidelines include: We will break out of factory livestock farming, phase out nuclear power generation, and shut down 10 reactors by 2035. Achieve “100% renewable” electricity and move from 9,000 to 12,000 wind turbines in 2027. Candidate EELV also wants to allow 6 million households to check an energy check of € 400 or stop selling new thermal vehicles from 2030. Also, if it takes less than 4 hours to move the train, airlines are banned.

The Candidate Melenchon program seems to be satisfactory for RAC. This especially welcomes his desire to limit air traffic and “reduce the use of private cars.” We also welcomed local goals in the school cafeteria, 100% organic. “He is the only candidate to propose the goal of reducing average animal protein consumption by 50%,” the report said. But he also did not mention the southern countries suffering from climate change, so he is receiving orange light for international people.

Jean-Luc Melenchon wants to incorporate the principle of “green rules” into the Constitution in his program. According to it, there is nothing more than can be replenished from nature. We also want to guarantee the maximum distance (15-30 minutes by car or public transport) between your place of residence and important public services (schools, stations, hospitals, post offices).

Rebellious candidates promise an ecologically and socially useful investment of € 200 billion. About the program: Plan to move to 100% renewable energy, break out of both nuclear and fossil fuels and refurbish the entire building stock. He also wants to create eco-side crimes by creating 300,000 agricultural jobs, establishing an ecological planning council, and reinsulating at least 700,000 homes a year. ..

Fabien Roussel, 3rd, but no green light

Communist candidate Fabien Roussel receives five oranges and two red lights. RAC criticizes him for offering nothing, especially in collective catering “to promote a lean diet.” Candidates must also say that they have informed the general public of themselves by declaring their love for “delicious meat and good wine.”

Asked about meat consumption and its impact on logging and water, he explained that “eat less, but better” is needed. “Carbon” and “meat imports need to be stopped” produced in a manner prohibited in France. Communists have also set a goal of reaching 500,000 farmers by 2030.

On the climate side, Fabien Roussel said he would like to introduce a “new development model to free us from the social, ecological and climatic damages of capitalism” and recommended the policy by the IPCC.

He wants to raise public and daily transportation with free systems to the ranks of general merchandise and national priorities. The same is true for water and energy. He defends carbon-free electricity, thanks to the combination of nuclear and renewable energy and the construction of at least six additional EPRs. He also wants to devote 10 billion homes to energy refurbishment of 700,000 homes each year.

Pecres, Le Pen, Macron, 7 red lights

Even if everything isn’t thrown away, this discovery isn’t great for Valerie Pécrès. RAC believes that candidates have “many measures” for transportation, but they “have not reached the standard”. He also mentions the candidate’s “rare measures” to “green the national budget.” Of particular concern are the “less detailed” proposals for decarbonization of industry or the promised doubling of current energy refurbishment rates for homes.

Candidates have developed “solution ecology” programs such as 200,000 charging stations, market development for used electric vehicles, and “sustainable reindustry.”

She insists on holding a new “Grenelle del’environnement” to bring together members of civil society, government and business to reach an “agreement-based solution”, as during Nicolas Sarkozy’s five-year term. Did. We would like to launch six new EPR reactors and have the EU introduce a carbon tax at the border.

The copy of Macron candidate is not wonderful. RAC considers the program “incomplete” and “fragmented”, and only ecological planning and carbon border taxes could benefit from it. Transport component? Emmanuel Macron “missed the issue of sector emission reductions” in a program that “focused solely on electric vehicles.” I wasn’t convinced of his home renovation project either. RAC also regrets that there is “no international climate policy measures” and that candidates are not interested in “greening the national budget”.

During his press conference to announce his program, the retiring president talked very little about ecology. He said his project for biodiversity and forests will be detailed later. The record is by no means satisfactory for climate defenders in this area. He withdrew the ban on glyphosate and the Framework Convention on Climate Change was unable to submit all of its proposals to Congress as agreed.

With regard to nuclear power, after closing the Fessenheim power plant, the head of state finally announced a multi-year plan to revive the sector and build a new reactor. To that honor, within the framework of the “France 2030”, the “Maprime Rénov” was strengthened after the Covid-19 crisis to allow the French to change boilers to gas and fuel oils and invest in green hydrogen. “system.

Marine Le Pen is also uncertain about reducing VAT on fuel, and RAC says her transportation program is “incompatible with the national goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions” in this sector. thinking about. She also provided a clean sheet on “Heavy Industry Environmental Transition”.

On the agricultural side, “no suggestions have been made to accelerate the agroecological transition and provide healthy food.” Finally, RAC regrets that candidates want to “dismantle” wind turbines and rely “alone” on the nuclear industry. Marine Le Pen wants to launch six new EPR reactors and win the EU’s withdrawal from the European electricity market.

Eric Zemmour without a suggestion receives seven red lights

Eric Zemmour, a candidate for “Reconquista!”, Is also dissatisfied, and RAC believes that his program has no concrete suggestions. This is especially true for agroecological transitions, climate diplomacy, or “national budget greening”.

In the transport sector, Eric Zemmour’s project is “incompatible with the national goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said RAC quoted by JDD. Even his proposal to increase the permitted speed is considered “climate harmful”. Finally, when it comes to home remodeling, “it’s not completely in line with the importance of issues in this area.”

In his program, Eric Zemur has launched at least 14 new EPR reactors, removing the goal of reducing the share of nuclear power from 70% to 50% by 2035 and ending all wind projects. , States to remove mobility in low-emission zones (‘Crit’Air’ sticker), or returns to 90 km / h on national and local roads and 50 km / h in towns.

Anne Hidalgo’s program was considered too inaccurate and unnoticeable

Finally, be careful about Anne Hidalgo’s programs, which are not lacking in suggestions but are considered too inaccurate for RAC. Candidates say they want a “social and fairer” ecology and a climate ISF recovery to finance the energy transition. She also promised a “great land law” to allow young people to settle.

She also promises to approve “ecocide” crimes and wants to include “the principles of non-return in general goods protection, biodiversity, environmental protection, and the obligation to combat global warming” in the Constitution. increase. She also wants to create an advocate for the environment and achieve 100% renewable energy, without a “rush exit” from nuclear power.

Note that Philip Putu, who advocates “under the control of society and population” and “radical ecology” (…), is not mentioned by RAC. His program offers socialized agriculture, especially for large groups “expropriation” and “by the hands of small farmers”.

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