Ecology, food, health … baby’s hands, more than just sports activities

This Saturday morning, at the Robert Charpentier Sports Hall in Issy-les-Murlinault (Hauts-de-Seine) … it’s time to find out. At the handball gym on the ground floor, small children wore club-colored T-shirts. Dihe proudly shows off the little pink heart on her hand. Colors allow children to identify their group and therefore can look to different workshops.

Each one-hour session begins with a story. From time to time, the little rabbit handy goes to school, amusement park, or winter sports. The mascots envisioned by the French Handball Federation also make pancakes, look for treasures, talk about ecology, travel to Indians and prehistoric times.

On Saturday, 30 children attended discovered: a snack that had to be absolutely protected to protect it from insects. Two teams will be formed in one of the three proposed workshops. “We have to get rid of the snack,” explains 4-year-old Tetuan. “Look, that’s a snack,” said Martin, also four-year-old, showing a red hoop.

Parents are invited to participate

“In fact, we need to put it in Natacha and Vanessa,” Tituan adds. Mini handball players traverse small obstacles endlessly along the course leading to Natacha. The young educator quickly finds himself in a colored hoop along her arm and a cone above her head. In another workshop, children avoid mini-goals. We don’t want performance, we enjoy learning.

If your baby’s hand activity has been going on for a couple of years in Ile de France (annual subscription fee is around € 150, a list of clubs can be found on the website), at the club d ‘Issy, this activity is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is a huge success this year with 35 registered children aged 3-6 years.

To learn about baby's hands, the colored balls are sized to fit the size of the child's hand.
To learn about baby’s hands, the colored balls are sized to fit the size of the child’s hand. LP / Icon Sports / Hugo Pfeiffer

“When we started, Issy-les-Mullinault didn’t offer sports activities to 3-year-olds,” says club president Maria Hug. We have been truly successful since then, but even Covid has not been questioned. This season, we have surpassed the license record. »»

The handball awakening turned into a baby’s hand, the session was coordinated by Eric, but organized by several educators specially trained to welcome young children. Shy children get involved with their parents and gradually deepen their ties with others.

Talk about animals, flowers, dragons and treasures

Each session (Saturday 9:45 am-10:45am) follows the same ritual, which welcomes infants at all clubs in Ile de France. This is a story around the universe that changes every time. Acting as a common thread, a workshop in the form of a game, you will learn to run, pretend, overcome obstacles, or make choices, and finally settle down.

Children were invited from one workshop to another, especially show jumping.
Children were invited from one workshop to another, especially show jumping. LP / Icon Sports / Hugo Pfeiffer

At Issy-les-Mulinault, children are even entitled to compotes, a way to learn to eat well. Baby’s hand activity goes far beyond sports, so it can evoke different themes such as ecology and health and interweave social connections. We will talk about animals, flowers, dragons, treasures, and even toothpaste.

“There is no team or match. It’s a real discovery of handball. I emphasize Olivier, the father of Côme, who is five and a half years old. My son is also doing judo. We wanted to find team sports. The sessions are varied, with very nice themes that change every Saturday, and it’s a lot of fun. And kids who embark on different adventures love it.