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Another historic League 1 club is silent, triggered by Girondins Bordeaux, who sounds all the alarms. After losing 6-1 in Rennes on Sunday, FC Metz is 4 points behind the playoffs and 5 points behind maintenance. And the people of Lorraine are all interested in taking advantage of international breaks to bring themselves together, as the future may be difficult.

Marc Orel Kairard is sick of it. So he gestures, screams, and glares at everything white and inactive around him before going to the fourth ball behind the net.We only play 55When This Renne Mets minute, and Messi’s goalkeeper will take two more after that. However, in this action, it was the red waves trying to stay on the surface of the water that overwhelmed the entire defense without sketching a single breaststroke movement. Martin Terrier’s run, Flavien Tait’s good tempo pass, Hamari Troare’s burst following the post, Serhou Guirassy’s recovery: Breton’s whirlwind won everything. Once sucked up, FC Metz only makes their annoying eyes cry.
Clock 6-1: Rennes climb the box and Mets just add more boxes. At the accounting level, this result is fundamentally unchanged. Because red and black are no longer fighting in the same category. After that, Garnett will be the penultimate in League One at kickoff and will always be the last whistle. But this slap should allow Lorraine to finally achieve one thing: their position in the elite is at stake.

Around Mets

Having lived in a goalless draw (four 0-0s since February last year) for a long week and boasting a short defeat against big players like Marseille (1-2) and Nice (0-2). So, FC Metz hid behind her little finger. Little finger in question: Airtight, reassuring, and defensive measures that will be the basis for future success. A perfect discussion to minimize his unpleasant presence. In 2022, three small goals were scored, but only one led to the victory. That is the goal of Ibrahimaniane of Reims. Needless to say, it’s rare. So, while waiting for the attack to awaken, Antonetti and his staff simply thought their salvation was in this vein and continued to build up defensive players. Until the explosion on Sunday.

The remaining seven elements challenge CAN for almost a month, including those injured (Centonze, Udol, N’Doram, DePréville, only the most disabled) and suspension (Pajot’s). ), Winter recruits to be integrated (Candé, Jemerson, Ama Do and Mahuta), Satisfaction of last season (Braya, Pajomatalsar) who already seem to have a heart elsewhere: These explain the difficulties of Moselle There are many other factors that are likely to be. But this will hide the most obvious of all: it is impossible to translate the aggression of his coach Frederick Antonetti into the field. His fist to express his anger when he received PSG at the beginning of the season and his replacement with Sylvain Armand on Lille’s night could continue to be the only striking image of the FC Metz season. .. The Corsicans have not had the opportunity to observe from the stand that his subordinates are doing the same since seven solid game breaks.

“6-1 is dirty”

So what is this used for? “Very bad afternoon” In Il Evilene?Maybe “Return to the original place” If you believe the words of Benoit Taveno, the adjutant on the bench, “We were absent at all levels. This is the first game we explode. I didn’t mean to witness such a wreck. »» With a burst of clarity, he refuses to find new excuses and appeals to the pride of his player, who has generally escaped so far: “6-1, you have to assume it’s dirty. The problem with FC Metz isn’t the referee or the pitch. That’s our job! From the beginning, we were passive. Of the nine games There are sprints and nothing more to calculate. It will allow us to save ourselves or sink us. »»

Mets falls asleep during his sleep, which is a fact. And he needed to be pinched in this way before confronting direct competitors such as Bordeaux, Clermon and Lorient. In its modern history, that is, since its first demotion to League Two during the Molinari era in 2002, the Cross of Lorraine clubs have learned to descend to be hit by professional football more than ever. Since that day, he hasn’t been able to stay in League One for more than three consecutive seasons. This did not prevent him from returning to the top flight. The dive creates a gap at his feet, at least procrastinating and knowing how to land with minimal damage. At Mets, the fall is slow and slow, and the club feels little drop in altitude. You may still have time to notice this, at best to try to raise the bar, or at worst, to organize yourself to bounce back later.

Matthew Rollinger