Emmanuel Macron guarantees that “results” are “drawn” and demands “calmness and responsibility” on Corsica

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2:16 pm : Other consequences of Stella’s death in France 3 Yvan Colonna report that high school has been blocked and many high school students are marching peacefully.

(France 3)

2:08 pm : According to French Info judicial sources, after the death of Yvan Colonna, the investigation of “attempted assassinations related to terrorist companies” was recertified as “assassinations related to terrorist companies”.

2:26 pm : It’s 2:00 pm. The main information at noon is:

• French Blue guest, President Emmanuel Macron greets “Spirit of responsibility” Of the elected officials of the island “The most important thing in this context is to stay calm.”.. Follow our live.

• According to Ukrainian officials, an attack near Donetsk killed five people and injured 19 others. Follow our live.

• The interview with the president and his re-election candidate Emmanuel Macron is just over. He is a guest of France Blue and answered questions from journalists and listeners a few minutes ago!

• Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin’s main opponent, was sentenced to nine years in prison. Convicted by a Russian judge for “fraud” and “contempt of court,” he risked an additional 13 years in prison.

1:24 pm : “The most important thing is to stay calm.” On Corsica.

1:07 pm : “”I want to think about his loved ones, not only his family, but also the family in Elignac. “Declares Emmanuel Macron, a guest of France Blue.

1:00 pm. : “Big mess”, “Drama”… On Corsica, the reaction doubles after the death of Yvan Colonna. For example, Mayor of Ajaccio, Laurent Markangeli, “Compassion for his family” With a microphone Via France 3 Stella.. A copy of the search notification provided by the Home Office regarding Ivan Corona. (AFP)

12:52 pm : Matignon also specifies that the final conclusions of the executive branch conducted by the Chief Justice (IGJ) will be revealed in early July. A judicial inquiry is also open.

1:14 pm : Matignon announced to France Amfo that the first conclusions of the administrative investigation into the invasion of Ivan Corona in Arles prison (Bouches-du-Rhone) will be published in early April. Last week, Gerald Dalmanin rather mentioned the end of March.

12:16 pm : The main information in the morning is as follows.

• The Kremlin believes that ongoing negotiations with Kyiv are not sufficient “Substantial”. On his side, Wolodymyr Zelensky said he was ready “compromise” He wants to go to the referendum. Follow our live.

The presidential candidate will be invited to the National Conference of the National Hunter Federation with great verbal, without being criticized by ecologists Janic Jadot and Jean-Luc Melenchon (LFI).“damage” Hunting and exclusion from guest list. Follow our live.

•• Alexei NavalnyVladimir Putin’s main opponent, was convicted by a Russian judge on charges of “fraud” and “contempt of court.” Already imprisoned, he faces another 13 years in prison.

• Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said “Coolness and dialogue” The day after the announcement of Yvan Colonna’s death on Corsica.

11:04 am : The death of Ivan Corona “Evidence that there was a failure somewhere in the safety management of the detainees”Manuel Bompard, campaign director of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a guest of Franceinfo, has guaranteed.He asks “Clarify what happened.”

09:00 : Stock news:

Volodymyr Zelensky said he was ready to discuss with Vladimir Putin if he agreed to negotiate directly with Vladimir Putin, including from the Crimean Peninsula and Donbus. “Security Guarantee” in advance. Follow our live.

According to the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office, the suspect arrested in connection with the investigation into the assassination of former rugby player Federico Martin Aramble will be presented to the investigative judge with a view to her prosecution.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal “Coolness and dialogue” On Corsica, the day after the announcement of Yvan Colonna’s death, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the assassination of Governor Elignac.

• As China faces the worst epidemics since 2020, Chinese authorities have proclaimed the containment of a city with a population of 9 million.

08:37 : “It’s an assassination (…) We have to open a new relationship between Corsica and the French state. As Prime Minister Elignac wanted, a relationship that is part of the dialogue. The next five years will be 1 Must be one. Now we will discuss this autonomy. “

Environmental candidates are guests of the French Inter. He talked about the death of Ivan Corona.

08:03 : “The wall is covered with graffiti on his glory, where you can read” Ivan glory to you “and” Ivan you saved us. ” ‘island”, Observe Corsica’s political scientist and specialist Thierry Dominici.

08:02 : Hello @ Lyon Indeed, Corsica’s independence activists were sentenced to life imprisonment for the assassination of Governor Elignac. Since then, he has become a figure in the nationalist struggle on the island. “His name has become a myth for young people who have been given the myth of’Liber’. [le ‘rebelle’ en corse], Very present in family stories. Rebel, Maki will greatly decorate this time. “Analyze the political scientist Xavier Crettiez in our article.

08:02 : Hello FI These Corsican media and parties are very nice, but don’t forget that Colonna is an assassin! A little dignity will honor them!

07:31 : “Yvan Colonna died on Corsica”It is also listed in the Corsica Core of Fronte, a major Independence Party.

07:32 : Several Corsican parties pay homage to Yvan Colonna. Gilles Simeoni’s Fem-a-Corsica Party, the autonomist chairman of the island’s executive council, paid tribute to Corsica activists on Twitter. “Yvan Colonna, Corsica’s patriot, I’m alive and well forever! We’re always by your side.”

07:26 : Hello according to @ d0m Corsica morningLast night, in front of the Bastia Courthouse, a gathering of dozens of people took place in honor of Ivan Corona. The fire was lit, but the rally ended quietly.

07:27 : Hello, was the night in Corsica calm?

07:29 : The main information at 6 o’clock is as follows.

• Volodymyr Zelensky has declared that if he agrees to negotiate directly with Vladimir Putin, including the Crimean Peninsula and Donbas, he is ready to discuss everything with Vladimir Putin. “Security Guarantee” in advance.

• Corsica’s independent activist, Yvan Colonna, was sentenced to life imprisonment for the assassination of Governor Elignac and died in a coma after a three-week prison attack in Marseille. This drama led to a violent demonstration in Isle.

Since 1994, a Boeing 737 with 132 passengers has crashed in southern China after a 8,000-meter plunge in a plane crash that could prove the worst in southern China.

• Two female victims were killed in a high school attack in Malmö, Sweden, Swedish police said. The suspect was an 18-year-old student who was arrested late in the afternoon.