Emmanuel Macron minimizes the use of private consulting firms

he “Estimation”, But at the same time, try to avoid the subject. Emmanuel Macron was asked on Thursday, March 17, about the government’s repeated use of private consulting firms to carry out reforms. The Senate investigative committee, which devoted itself to this question, reported that this spending surged over five years to over € 1 billion in 2021.

This is almost three times that of 2018, and beware of Senators who are worried that the bill will skyrocket year after year at the start of their five-year term. However, the head of state, a candidate for the second term, claimed that the amount spent had already decreased.

What he said

Pauline de Saint Remy, journalist during her press conference PoliticoDisputed the presidential candidate about the significant increase in the use of private consulting firms during his five-year term. “Is this what you undertake? »» Next, Emmanuel Macron sees this phenomenon in sight.

“The number of stages of crisis has increased. I think that’s what the Senate explains, but there’s also a decline of more than 15% over the last five years, which is also showing a chill, or normalization. Procedure. (…) So I assume it, and I think it is inevitable that it will increase. »»

Why this is misleading

Emmanuel Macron’s claim is based on two points:

  • Increased consultant spending during his tenure will be primarily related to the health crisis.
  • These costs are already under control and have fallen by more than 15%. “following year”..

But both are wrong.

First, the surge in consultant use precedes a pandemic. Based on state accounting data, the Senate’s investigative commission estimated that it had already increased by 40% between 2018 and 2019, even before the onset of the health crisis.

And it cannot be said that these costs have already fallen during Emmanuel Macron’s mission. They are increasing year by year from 2018 to 2021. The 15% drop mentioned by the candidate is actually a 2022 government directive.

2021, 5 year spending record

Indeed, Prime Minister Jean Castex signed a circular on January 19th to manage the use of the services of consulting firms.The text sets the purpose of the reduction “At least 15%” Compared to 2021 “Intellectual services engaged in strategy and organization”..

So, contrary to what Emmanuel Macron claims, this spending cut is not yet effective, and the circulation is not binding, so it is not certain for 2022 either. Whether the prime minister’s framework is upheld must wait until the end of the budget year. Needless to say, the notification excludes consulting costs related to IT projects, which account for about half of the total, from the calculation.

The choice to refer to the fifty-year cost record of 2021 is also less ambitious. With a 15% reduction, the state’s cost in 2022 will be around 380 million euros, which is still significant. It is higher than 2020 (348 million), especially 2018 (227 million).

“Consult Classy”: 5 years of advice

What is the real impact of private consultants on the implementation of national affairs, invisible but ubiquitous? This is a question asked by the Senate Committee about the impact of consulting firms on public policy, which issued a report on March 17. In parallel, world To measure the impact of these companies on Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term, we conducted our own research based on testimony, open source, and requests for access to documents.

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