Emmanuel Macron wants to continue to “soothe” memories of the Algerian War

Emmanuel Macron made a speech at the end of the reception in Elysee on March 19, 2022, 60 years after the Evian Accords in Paris, to commemorate the victims of the Algerian War.

He intends to continue on an open path for five years to reconcile the painful memories of the war in Algeria. “There are inevitably moments of tension, but we get there.”, On Saturday, March 19, we begged Emmanuel Macron in a speech proclaimed at the Elysee Palace to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Evian Accords.

The head of state, a candidate for his own successor, in fact asserted that he intends to continue. “Reach out” To the Algiers authorities, even if the initiatives taken since the beginning of his five-year term did not allow him to permanently improve his relationship with Algiers.

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March 19, 1962, “I can’t deny” “Milestones”

Macron spoke in front of 200 guests who gathered at a ceremony that was not attended by an official Algerian representative. However, on this occasion, 100 high school and college students attended, and there were witnesses from all memories of the conflict, including conscription, independent combatants, Archi, and returning home.

“Many people will tell me: you’re doing all this, but you’re not serious because Algeria isn’t moving. (…) All my predecessors faced the same. “Before adding, Emmanuel Macron said: “I think the day will come when Algeria will follow this path.”..

In his speech, he emphasized that this anniversary on March 19 was fought by several bearers of the memory of the conflict in the presidential election and some of his opponents. “It was neither the beginning of peace nor the end of war.” corn “It was a breakthrough event.” WHO “I can’t deny it.”

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He was also published in support of the perception of various memories of the conflict, with all the commemorative actions taken since the beginning of his mission, especially by a report by historian Benjamin Stra, an expert in colonization and war. I reviewed the recommendations Algeria.

Since 2018, the Head of State has recognized the French military’s responsibility for the deaths of communist mathematician Maurice Audin and nationalist lawyer Ali Boumengel at the Battle of Alger in 1957. Elysée’s harkis and pieds-noirs are described as follows:“Not forgiven for the Republic” The massacre of Algiers at rue d’Isly on March 26, 1962.

On Friday, President Abdel Majid Theboon announced a commemorative file between the two countries. “It is inevitable that we will be treated responsibly and fairly in an open and reliable atmosphere.”..However “The horrific crimes of colonization are unforgettable and cannot be timed.”He warned with a message on this anniversary occasion and was celebrated in Algeria “Victory party”..

File to invite to presidential election

Three weeks before the first round of the presidential election, this memorial file was also pushed to other candidates. From Loire, RN candidate Marine Le Pen, according to her “Colonization contributed to the development of Algeria.”.. “History is unbalanced under Emmanuel Macron’s mission, as long as the only policy remains to spend his life apologizing without asking for anything in return from the Algerian government, which continues to insult France. , (…) This balance cannot be achieved. “She judged.

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Candidates objected to maintaining the date of March 19, 1962 to commemorate the end of the Algerian War, as did Valérie Pécrès, a candidate for Elysee de Republicain.The latter set out to find on Friday “Another date” Memorial “80% of civilian casualties collapsed after the Evian Accords”, She said.Eric Zemmour argued that he wanted to establish a relationship with Algeria “Respectful and unrepentant” Promised to put an end to “Immigration Agreement” Agreed with the country in 1968 Le Figaro..

Anne Hidalgo, a candidate for PS, is in the position of Aedile in Paris. Capital Tribute Ceremony To all the victims of the war in Algeria and the battles in Tunisia and Morocco at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

Communist candidate Fabien Roussel commemorates the day With a video message.. “60 years later, we will never forget this day, which is very important for peace and all the efforts we have made to achieve it.”, He says. The PCF disguiser to Elysee pleads: “Announces the arrival of a new era”, “trusted”, Between the two countries and “The truth about colonial crime is fully established.”

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