Enroll your child in team sports, it’s good for their mental health!

Sports that are highly recommended to relieve stress can also save lives to protect the mental health of children who have been damaged by a two-year pandemic. One study demonstrates the psychological benefits of sports, especially team sports.

DSince the health crisis in France two years ago, the sedentary lifestyle has been imposed on the daily lives of French people. Lack of social ties, distance learning and bans have had a major impact on children’s mental health... In 2021, a Jama Network survey found that children’s suicide attempts are constantly increasing. After that, it was strongly recommended to cleanse the mind so as not to implode. Sports have established themselves as a true outlet To avoid ruminating at home. But what is the real impact of sports, especially team sports, on a child’s mental health?

Essential social ties

According to researchers at California State University, Team sports will be good for your child’s mental health, Not only from the perspective of physical and psychological well-being Promote social connections. When various confinements highlighted the need for contact with others, some theories confirmed it. The best known is the Maslow Pyramid, which highlights the main needs of the individual, including social connections.

With the same theme ⋙ After astonishing the numbers, the government called for an urgent plan for youth mental health

To do this, researchers analyzed data from 11,235 children between the ages of 9 and 13.In this way, scientists say that children doing sports activities in groups Less likely to show signs of anxiety, depression, isolation or attention problems (less than 10%).. In addition, children who practice individual sports are 16% more likely to face mental health concerns than children who do not practice individual sports at all.

Stress relief

It’s not new, sports are a good way to evacuate all anxiety-inducing ideas that pollute our brains. “In anxious brains, neurotransmitters aren’t passed from cell to cell very efficiently, so they don’t flow through the brain as efficiently as they need to. Exercise is one of the practices that helps regulate it. Aaron Bonner-Jackson, a neuroscientist at Cleveland Clinic, said. she..

If physical activity is very beneficial to your health, that’s why Releases the famous hormone of happiness: Endorphins and dopamine. Sports can even reduce the risk of mental illness such as depression and anxiety.

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