Espoirs du CSP loses in Future Trophy final

After a good result, Espoirs du Limoges CSP was unable to win the final of the future trophy. The Cholet Basket Citadel proved impregnable on Saturday, May 22, 2022 at the Palais des Sports de Beaublanc in Limoges (Haute-Vienne). The game ended with a score of 65-55.

The results of future trophies are not what Espoirs du Limoges CSP wanted. The tournament held the best teams under the age of 21 in Limoges (Haute-Vienne) for two days. Despite the support of the Palais des Sports de Beaublanc supporters, the Arnaud Tissier team was unable to beat the Cholet Basket at home. Final score of the meeting: 65-55.

Espoir du Limoges CSP faced Cholet Basket in the final on Sunday in a combative state of mind. However, the third day of the tournament weakened the organization. From the kick-off, you can feel the lack of freshness. The shooting performance is low, with 26% success during breaks. The results are clear on the scoreboard. Already six-time finalist, Cholet is already leading 32 to 20 in half-time.

In the second half, Limoges dragged 25 points. But in the last quarter, Limoges eased some of the pressure to transfer it to the other party.

In Money Time, Hugo Desseignet and Mehdi Bellil chained to 3 points and the CSP was able to return to 6 units and believe it. A state of mind that wants to retain the captain who played the last match with Espoir. Despite the poor record, he is trying to maintain a positive attitude. “The disappointment was great, the last match of the season and the defeat, but we have progressed, united and strong throughout the season.”

At Beaublanc, the experience was still great for players. “”I didn’t miss much, I finished 10 points, but I was 6 points behind.“,Recount Training Center Director Olivier Shawm.. “”It will help them for their personal life.“”

Players are still learning. So for the youth of the training center, defeat is as cruel as the abundance of lessons. The trophy also made it possible to learn to play in front of 2,000 people, including professional CSP players.

Despite the pressure, you need to relax to get a strong start.

Limoges CSP captain Nicholas Lang

For the Limoges Training Center, which is also very young, the desired course shows that the structure is on the right track. “The center has been around for five years and I’m very happy with the players’ career paths.”Olivier Chaume, director of the training center, shouts.

For coach Arnaud Tessier “He may have lacked the experience and freshness of others a bit. (…) An open shot that doesn’t fit in the second quarter, that’s the turning point of the match. We failed the match. I didn’t. I might have liked it. “

That’s good for the club, but we only wanted money.

Limoges CSP Espoir coach Arnaud Tessier

But the story started well on Friday, May 20th. After that, Limogeaud’s applicants easily won the quarterfinals against Blower. The result is final: 94-63.

For two days, Espoirs could expect a solid defense, Saturday’s asset, against ASVEL, the winner of the final version of the future trophy. After the match began under pressure, the CSP youth gradually found a flaw in the fortress of the leader in the regular phase. The score at the end of the match was very close and the result was determined in the last few seconds: 62-60.

Cholet’s youth remember the happiness of lifting the cup anyway. For them, it’s the best experience at the dawn of their professional career.

After a week of rest, players and staff will soon return to the floor. “I’m ready”Arnaud Tessier concludes.